Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, standing outside the Funny Boy Depot in northern Namibia with the store clerk.

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My goal is for you to learn and laugh as I authentically share with you my around the world motorcycle adventures. You will then have the knowledge and inspiration to create your own adventures! Of course, the more resources I have the more adventures I will be able to bring to you.

Resources for my trip come from a number of places: pension, savings, affiliate marketing, advertising, selling photographs, doing paid work, and receiving donations and gifts in kind.

If you’ve enjoyed the content on the website, or I’ve been able to help you achieve your goals, or if you simply share my spirit of adventure, then your support would be really appreciated. You can support the adventure through either a donation, or through a gift in kind.


Perhaps you can help to cover the cost for a cup of coffee for those cold nights in the Mongolian dessert; or perhaps a can of Coke Zero for the Sahara desert; or being a clean freak I could certainly use a hot shower and something more than an outhouse; or my travel companion would appreciate a tank of gas. However you feel able to show you support, please know it’s greatly appreciated and will enable me to bring you more adventures.

The PayPal system is easy to use, it’s free and secure. You can contribute with either your PayPal account or a credit card. If you’ve made a donations please accept my sincere thanks and know that it will be make a real and tangible difference to our journey. And if you consent, I would love to recognize you on my website.


Gifts in Kind

Rather than money, another way to help support the adventure is through a gift in kind. Perhaps you have a motel, hotel, campsite, or a spare room to offer for free or at a discount as I travel through your town; or perhaps you have a restaurant or want to meet at one and contribute a meal. Replacement gear is also nice.

These gifts in kind will make a real and tangible difference to my journey and provide valuable resources for me to bring more adventures your way. If you permit me, I want to say a public thank you to each of you below.

Affiliate Marketing

You will have noticed there are a number of ads on my website. Some are Google Adsense ads like the one below.

Others belong to affiliate marketing programs I have been accepted with. These are Amazon, Shutterstock and RevZilla.

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If one of these ads appeal to you, click on it and shop. If you purchase something then I receive a commission!


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