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I would love the chance to work with a brand or business that shares my values and wants to truly connect with my growing readership and social following. For the most part my engaged and interactive audience loves motorcycle – adventure – travel. I provide them with daily journals, thematic blogs, and a wide-ranging social media presence about motorcycle adventure travel.

On July 1, 2016, I left the comforts of the city and a good job to embark on a solo motorcycle adventure through all 7 continents and over 100 countries.  As Iron Roamer, I am geared toward motorcycle adventure and slow travel to fully engage with the culture. My activities range from riding off the beaten track and seeing adventure destinations, to working with communities in support of development projects.

Here are some of the things I can do for you.

Brand Ambassador

Do you want a unique story and personal face for your brand? I specialize in long-term brand ambassadorships. By working with companies that share similar values, I develop targeted, engaging campaigns that reach the right market for your brand. Each brand ambassadorship is custom-tailored depending on the needs of the brand.  As a digital storyteller, I use the Iron Roamer blog, photography and social media platforms to tell your story.



Do you want advertising directed specifically at your target market? I am open to various types of advertising that reflects Iron Roamer’s core values. These include: sponsored posts, banner ads, product and service reviews, social media coverage, side bar and footer ads, and video.


Do you need a new story angle to breathe life into your magazine? I am a published author both in magazines and in peer reviewed journals. I would love to meet your needs by providing tailored articles and photos that engage your fans.

Destination, Product and Service Reviews

Do you want a fresh new perspective to showcase your product, service or destination? I am open to leveraging the credibility and influence of Iron Roamer to conduct authentic and engaging reviews that resonate with my readers. Of course there are no guarantees of a positive review, but in the case of a negative review, you will be notified prior to publication to discuss the situation privately. You will be given an opportunity to make a statement that will be published in the subsequent post, thus giving a balanced account of the issues encountered.



Do you want a speaker on motorcycle adventure travel? I have spoken around the world and love to engage with the audience both before and after the presentation. Whether a keynote address or educational sessions, my presentations aim to inform, entertain and inspire.


Have a Project Idea?

Do you have a project idea of your own?  Contact me and let’s get the conversation started.

Why Work with Me?

Experience, quality, and perspective are what I bring to everything I do.

If you want to work with an influencer who understands the industry, and will over deliver, let’s chat and build something fun together! Learn more about me on my “About Me” page or at my Linked In page at

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