Looking down Main Street in Whitehorse, Yukon

Onto the Capital of Yukon – Whitehorse

The target for today was the capital of Yukon – Whitehorse. After a nutritious breakfast of a Wonderbar and Coke Zero, I was set to Leave Nugget City. The ride is quite beautiful with lots of lakes and huge valleys. I should have taken some pictures. I got to learn that. But my happy place is riding and I hate to stop.

Whitehorse Accommodation

It was a short ride to Whitehorse. The blogs I read recommended staying at the Beez Kneez hostel or the Wolf Creek campground. Obviously the Beez Kneez hostel is popular, it was booked solid. I rode out to the Wolf Creek Campground to check it out. As I rode through it, I saw nothing but outhouses, and no showers! Not the place for me ha ha ha. I remembered as I was riding into town I saw another campsite and decided to check that out.

Caribou RV Park

As I entered the Caribou RV Park I saw showers. This was my kind of place. I booked the night. Those showers? They were immaculate! They were self contained units with a toilet, sink, and shower. You weren’t even allowed to wear shoes into them. I asked about a car wash. The attendant said they had one on site. Bonus. I washed off all the dust from my motorcycle and riding cloths. This place was perfect.


In the evening a guy from Montreal pulled in on his BMW motorcycle. It was covered in dirt. He was extremely discouraged and I was actually concerned about him. He said he was tired of the rain, dirt and mud and just wanted to go home. When I told him I planned on going to Prudhoe Bay, he said not to do it. I talked to him more as he pulled out his wet, muddy tent and set it up.

I have to admit our conversation caused me some anxiety. Being a city guy, the further north I go the more out of my comfort zone I am getting. And hearing this didn’t help. Getting to Prudhoe Bay could be a greater challenge than I expected.

The route for July 7, 2016


6 thoughts on “Onto the Capital of Yukon – Whitehorse”

  1. You can do it, Brian!! You’re supposed to be stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s part of the journey!

    1. Hey Andrea! Thanks!!! yeah I think this is just as much about a mental journey as it is a physical one. You are right … I want to step out of my comfort zones and stretch myself. Like staying at a hostel tonight ha ha. And of course riding into an unfamiliar environment.

  2. Brian, from reading your posts over the past few years, I actually believe you no longer have a comfort zone! I have done the ride on a Gold Wing as far as Fairbanks but that was when it was mostly gravel! You have the right bike and certainly the ability! I find it interesting about the guy fromQuebec as I actually bought the Gold Wing from some one who had ridden the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse and gave up! He just wanted to fly back to Dawson Creek and get his truck and trailer and go home! I am glad you went up the Stewart highway as it is on of the most overlooked routes to the north! Ride on and know we are with you!

    1. Hey thanks Eric!!! I appreciate it. I am hearing about more and more people who have given up. Never thought of that before. I better not now either ha ha. Sounds like you had an amazing trip to Fairbanks. I am debating if I should change tires in Anchorage for all the dirt and mud to Prudhoe Bay. Thanks again Eric!

  3. I think that guy from Montreal was probably just tired. My nephew road his mountain bike from Victoria to Inuvik and back, so I am sure you are better equipped then he was. He met some very treating people along the way. You will be fine,,,maybe lonely at times, but you can do it!!

    1. Hey Lori! I have actually met some really interesting people. In fact so many it is hard to do my blogs ha ha ha. Yeah …. so far it hasn’t been that bad. Just quite of bit of rain … and the ever present dirt ha ha. The big trip starts on the 14th when myself and another guy head up to Prudhoe Bay.

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