Woman surfing a wave at Tamarindo Costa Rica.

Tamarindo – Surf Town Costa Rica

Relieved to have gotten through the border at Penas Blancas into Costa Rica, I rode to the surf town of Tamarindo.

One of the first things I noticed on entering Costa Rica was that pretty much all the houses were actual structures. Up until now it was common to see houses made from scraps of wood, metal and plastic. Very sad.

Hotel Mahayana

In Tamarindo I was staying at the Hotel Mahayana. Well … so I thought. When I arrived no one was there, except for a few guests. Strange.

Tamarindo hotel

I checked my email and I had a message from the Manager asking when I was going to arrive. I said I am here now. A little while later he showed up and said I wasn’t suppose to be there until tomorrow! He was right. This was the second time on this trip I’ve done that.

Luckily, there was a room and I could pay for the extra night. So instead of 2 nights at the hotel I would be there for 3 nights.

The hotel itself was different from others I have experience. It is a few blocks from the beach along a dirt road.

Tamarindo 58

There was no front desk and the Manager only shows up once or twice a day. Other than that there is just the cleaning woman from 9 until 2. The rest of the time the inmates are left to fend for themselves in a locked compound.

Tamarindo 60

It is very relaxing though with a small pool and kitchen.

Tamarindo 70

Something very peculiar at the hotel, and all over Tamarindo was the disposal of used toilet paper. It was not to be flushed down the toilet but put in a trash can beside it!!!

toilet paper

OK …I am sorry Hotel Mahayana and Tamarindo, but I don’t care how small your septic tanks are or limited your sewer system is, there was no way I was going to put used toilet paper in a trash can. So gross to me. So I became an outlaw that day. 🙂


This was the third surf town I had been to in Central America. El Tunco, El Salvador was a grubby little hippie town and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua was mostly a college party town. Tamarindo had lots of college aged kids but also lots of families enjoying the beach. The town was a mixture of everything. There were a few expensive resorts and restaurants in town for the rich. I have to admit I went to one each day just to relax with an expensive beer.

Taramindo 2

But also hostels, dirt roads and grocery stores for those on a budget.

Tamarindo 57

The best part about Tamarindo though was the beach.

Tamarindo Beach

I have to admit I took a lot of pictures at the beach. I wasn’t the only one though.

Taramondo 17

Taramindo 19

Sooooo … I will just let my photos do the talking here. There are a lot. Hard to choose which ones to include. It was a lot of fun just walking up and down the beach watching the surfers and the kids play.

Tarmindo 29

Tarmarido 26

Tarmarido 21

Taramindo 45

Taramindo 44

Taramindo 41

Taramindo 40

Taramindo 38

Taramindo 36

Taramindo 34

Taramindo 32

Taramindo 31

Taramindo 30

Taramindo 28

Taramindo 20

Taramindo 13

Taramindo 11

Taramindo 9

Taramindo 7

Taramindo 5

Tamarindo 56

Tamarindo 55

Tamarindo 53

Tamarindo 51

Tamarindo 50

Tamarido 25

Tamarido 23

Tamarindo was a great place to some some beach time. Like many places I’ve visited I could have stayed longer.

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