Watson Lake Sign Forrest

The highlight for today’s ride was the Watson Lake Sign Forrest.

I had ridden between Whitehorse and Watson Lake on the way up. I generally don’t like riding the same route twice if I don’t have to. But this is about the only way between the two towns to start heading south and hopefully into warm and sunny temperatures.

It is funny that the hottest part of the trip so far was at the Arctic Circle!

Anyways, I woke up when I woke up, from the Caribou Campground at shortly after 6 am. There was suppose to be “strictly” no shower before 7 am. I am a rebel so I had a shower ha ha.

There wasn’t too much of interest along the road. Just the usual great scenery.

I got to Watson Lake early and got to the famous Watson Lake Sign Forrest. I had read about it lots from fellow adventure travelers who left a sign or sticker there. When I started to walk through it I was surprised at how big it was.




I looked everywhere for a sticker that I recognized. The goal was to place my sticker near one of those of people I had read about in blogs. As much as I looked I couldn’t find a sticker I recognized. I guess I should have done more research before I arrived.

Eventually I decided on a place for my sticker, right down the path from the information booth. It was time to find my lodging for the night.

Air Force Lodge

I had read about the Air Force Lodge and besides being unique, it was one of the more inexpensive places in town. Inexpensive being a relative term. Still way over my budget.

I arrived at 1:30 pm and there was a sign on the door saying they would be back at 3. After a few minutes Mike popped his head out the door. He said they were busy cleaning the whole lodge but would let me in as soon as they could. No problem. I took a beer and some left over Doritos and sat on the picnic table and relaxed. Shortly after 2 Mike yelled and said I could come in.


The first thing I was made aware of is that this is a “no shoe” lodge. Shoes have to be taken off at the front door.

The second thing I was made aware of was the history of the lodge. Originally built at the Watson Lake Airport 1942 as a barracks for the pilots flying during Second World War, it was later moved to the town where it stood empty for many years. Then in 1999 the present owner completely and thoroughly refurbished the interior while leaving the exterior structure in its original form. Over the period of two and a half years of pains taking and meticulous craftsmanship the interior became a visitor’s lodge still very true to its wartime functional purpose of barracks, but with many modern features that surpass the highest building standards.

The first thing I noticed though was that this place was immaculate. There wasn’t a spot of dirt anywhere. The room was simple but had everything I needed. What an excellent place to spend the night.

Route for July 28, 2016


Cinnamon Bun

The goal today was to leave Dawson City to go back to Whitehorse with a stop for a cinnamon bun.

It looked like it was going to be a nice ride. Mostly cloudy, but a little sun poking out from time to time. As I rode I passed lots of “mom and pop” gold mining claims. Each one sifting through river rock for gold.

Braeburn Lodge

As I got closer to Whitehorse I came up to Braeburn Lodge. Now I had heard from several people that I needed to stop there for a cinnamon bun.

On the counter of the restaurant and there were these massive cinnamon buns!!! I love cinnamon buns. I even like to eat the raw ones before they are cooked. They should sell cinnamon bun dough too! Maybe on a stick. The best cinnamon buns were made by Grandma Klassen.

Now these cinnamon buns aren’t cheap. Twelve dollars for a cinnamon bun!

I dug into eat but didn’t get too far before I was full. I had it wrapped. This cinnamon bun lasted for 2 more meals after this one! So perhaps the price wasn’t too bad after all. It was good, but no Grandma Klassen 🙂

Caribou RV

As I got closer to Whitehorse the weather turned cloud to drizzle to rain. My options were to camp or go to the Talhini Hostel I enjoyed the last time I was here. The only problem with going to the hostel was that it was 20 km back from where I came. I also had to go through a construction zone with a pilot car. Naturally I went to Starbucks to contemplate my next move.

The rain eventually stopped but the clouds still looked ominous. After checking the weather forecasts at various sites, I made the executive decision to camp at Caribou RV. You may remember I camped there when I was heading north.

On my last stop I had run into a guy from Montreal who had had enough of the rain, mud and dirt. He was headed home as fast as he could. As I pulled in this time I was reminded of him. I understood how he felt. I was feeling pretty exhausted from the same things. The one difference? I made it to Prudhoe Bay and dipped my toe in the Arctic Ocean. I did it! I may be exhausted, but I achieved what I set out to do and persevered through the various hardships.

After pitching my tent, I went to dinner at the adjacent Wolf’s Den restaurant. Just for a salad. The cinnamon bun was still sitting in my stomach.



Route for July 27, 2016


Relaxing in Whitehorse

Weather in Whitehorse

When I woke up in the morning it was raining.

I checked the forecast and it called for rain the next 2 days. I would have loved to stayed at the Caribou campground. But decided I should book a room at Canada Best Value in Whitehorse to wait out the rain in a little more comfort. It wasn’t cheap. Then again, nothing is up north.

As I left the campground, the guy from Montreal was crawling out of his tent. He waved at me and yelled, “see, raining!” I waved back and laughed.


Wherever I have traveled in the world, Starbucks has been my home away from home. Even when working in Macedonia I would take off on weekends to go to Greece for some Starbucks atmosphere.

It was so awesome to see Whitehorse had a Starbucks! I know. Make fun of me 🙂 I spent the day there to relax, connect with people, and write some journal entries.

It wasn’t long before a woman sat next to me and started working on her computer as well. She struck up a conversation and asked where I was from. It turned out she was Salt Spring Island and use to live in Victoria! And is a motorcyclist too! Right now though she was traveling up north in her camper van. She had been traveling since she turned 50 and shared amazing experiences from India, Nepal, Laos, and Thailand. A fascinating person and I enjoyed our conversation over the next couple of hours.

When travelling alone, these conversations are priceless. Thanks Lynn!

Takhini Hot Springs

After a night at Canada Best Value, valued at $93 for a run down hotel, I set off to have my first hostel experience at Takhini Campground and Hostel at Takhini Hot Springs just outside of Whitehorse. I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Wow! What an amazing place, both the hostel, hot springs and the restaurant attached to the hot springs.

The hostel.




Lunch at Cafe Balzam.


Then a dip in the hot spring.


Back to Cafe Balzam for dinner.



God Laughs at our Plans

There were 3 others at the hostel. Carrie and Rusty are Americans who now live in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Carrie sold me that I have to go there. But she warned I may never leave. Sounds like an amazing place. Great meeting you Carrie and Rusty.

The other was David from Houston Texas. A few years ago he got in a bad motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital for a couple of months. He now rides a Cam-Am Sypder.


He was in the Yukon riding with 2 friends. His friends were planning on riding up to Prudhoe Bay. However, in one of the gravel sections I rode through coming into Whitehorse, one of his friends hit some deep gravel and was thrown over his windshield and totaled his BMW GS. “God laughs at our plans,” David told me several times as he recounted the story.

When I told him I was planning to go to Prudhoe Bay David repeated it again, “God laughs at our plans.” He also didn’t think it was wise of me to go there by myself. “There is nothing out there,” he said, “if something happens to you no one will find you.”

Loving Living Adventuring

After talking to David I received a message from Brent Carroll. I have been communicating with him ever since I learned he was going to Prudhoe Bay at the same time I was. Anyways, exchanged email back and forth and arranged to meet up in Fairbanks and do the route to Prudhoe Bay together.

David was happy. So was I. Thanks for the conversation and concern David.

Check out Brent’s website at http://www.lovinglivingadventuring.com/

July 8 – Whitehorse. Route on July 9


Onto the Capital of Yukon – Whitehorse

The target for today was the capital of Yukon – Whitehorse. After a nutritious breakfast of a Wonderbar and Coke Zero, I was set to Leave Nugget City. The ride is quite beautiful with lots of lakes and huge valleys. I should have taken some pictures. I got to learn that. But my happy place is riding and I hate to stop.

Whitehorse Accommodation

It was a short ride to Whitehorse. The blogs I read recommended staying at the Beez Kneez hostel or the Wolf Creek campground. Obviously the Beez Kneez hostel is popular, it was booked solid. I rode out to the Wolf Creek Campground to check it out. As I rode through it, I saw nothing but outhouses, and no showers! Not the place for me ha ha ha. I remembered as I was riding into town I saw another campsite and decided to check that out.

Caribou RV Park

As I entered the Caribou RV Park I saw showers. This was my kind of place. I booked the night. Those showers? They were immaculate! They were self contained units with a toilet, sink, and shower. You weren’t even allowed to wear shoes into them. I asked about a car wash. The attendant said they had one on site. Bonus. I washed off all the dust from my motorcycle and riding cloths. This place was perfect.


In the evening a guy from Montreal pulled in on his BMW motorcycle. It was covered in dirt. He was extremely discouraged and I was actually concerned about him. He said he was tired of the rain, dirt and mud and just wanted to go home. When I told him I planned on going to Prudhoe Bay, he said not to do it. I talked to him more as he pulled out his wet, muddy tent and set it up.

I have to admit our conversation caused me some anxiety. Being a city guy, the further north I go the more out of my comfort zone I am getting. And hearing this didn’t help. Getting to Prudhoe Bay could be a greater challenge than I expected.

The route for July 7, 2016


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