Arctic Ocean

The highlight of the day was going to the Arctic Ocean and dipping my toe in it. My modesty prevented me from skinny dipping. However, if others were going to do it I could easily have been convinced. It is on my bucket list and what better place 🙂 Three people did strip to their underwear in go in though.

It was also a time to reflect, as this will be the furthest north I will and can go by motorcycle. It is all down from here. Down to Ushuaia, Argentina.


I found my pet rock 🙂 I’ll match it up with one from Ushuaia.


Unexpected flowers at the Ocean.


Aurora Hotel

It was back to to the Aurora Hotel to do laundry – for free!


I also washed my Klim motorcycle suit, Touratech helmet and Dainese boots.I took some ribbing from Brent over this who figured I was OCD. After all they were just going to get dirty again. However, he especially felt this way after I told him I use to disinfect my desk each night before going home. Huuuuummmm he may have a point. Andrea? Dave? Nah …. I just want to leave in the morning with clean clothes.

Did I tell you I am not the only one? The Aurora Hotel makes you put on blue booties when you enter the hotel!


Next was something to eat. I told you too that all the food you want is free here too! When the restaurant is closed there is a snack room to grab whatever you want.



The restaurant is cafeteria style with a main course area, salad bar, dessert table, ice cream area. Pretty cool. I just ate salad Carllee 🙂 (my dietitian daughter).



The view is pretty good as well.


My Route for July 16, 2016

Went through the backroads from Deadhorse to Prudhoe Bay to where the marker is.


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