Liard River Hot Springs

I thought I could get to the Laird River Hot Springs the day before and then go back to the Air Force Lodge. But it was 160 km away. Too far to go there and come back. Today, going to the Liard River Hot Springs was my main objective on the way to Fort Nelson from Watson Lake.

I got to the hot springs just after it opened at 8 am. There is a very cool wooden boardwalk leading down to the springs.




The springs are not situated in a cement pool like Takhini Hot Springs, but rather dug out in the ground. Pretty amazing. I first went to the right and took a step into the pool. Way too hot. I then tried the stairs down to the centre. This was just right.



The bottom of the springs is covered in rock that doesn’t bring up dirt as you walk on it or kick it. The spring goes around a corner a bit where the water gets cooler but is still warm.


As more and more people arrived, I decided it was time to make my exit. Just as I was leaving I met a fellow motorcyclist who was going to attempt to get to Prudhoe Bay on his road tires. Possible if it doesn’t rain. But good luck if it does.

Toad River

The woman at the Watson Lake information booth suggested I stop at Toad River for something to eat on my way to Fort Nelson. It is kind of a cool road stop. The ceiling was covered in hats.



The staff were nice and the food was good too. At least the potato and bacon soup certainly hit the spot after another cool ride.

Fort Nelson

When I got to Fort Nelson the weather was nice enough to camp. The woman who checked me into the Triple G Hideaway was quite the character and had no problem teasing me. We had fun going back and forth.


The campsite was also licensed! Bonus!



After setting up, and doing laundry, I decided to hit their restaurant rather than finding the A&W in town. The beer was good. The Newfie Fries I should have avoided. But they were so tempting. Newfie fries consist of fries, gravy, onions, ground beef, mozzarella cheese, and turkey dressing! No way I was getting through it all as it was a big serving and very rich.

The one disappointing thing during the day is that I saw lots of Bison on and beside the road. Ok …. That wasn’t disappointing, but what was is that I thought I caught them on my GoPro. When I went to down load the picture they weren’t there. OH Well , sorry, no pictures.

Route for July 29, 2016


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