Long Days Ride to Huntsville Texas

It was a long days from to Huntsville, Texas, from Lafayette, Louisiana.

I am still a bit sick but my increased prednisone is starting to kick in to get rid of the fluid from my lungs.

It was also hot an humid. Although as I go closer to Texas it got less humid and more of a dry heat.

Things to do in Texas

I have lots of time to spend before heading into Mexico from San Diego sometime in October. As I mentioned in my last post, transition times can be great to see and do things I wasn’t really planning on.

As I entered Texas I stopped at the information booth in search of things to do.

I picked up pamphlets with ideas. I looked through them and picked out of bunch of things I would be interested in seeing in Texas. These included:

  • Blue Bell Creamery,
  • Seeing a High School Football game,
  • Texas Longhorns Football game,
  • Texas State Capitol,
  • Watch the bats at the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin,
  • The Rose Gardens in Tyler,
  • LBJ Ranch in Fredericksburg,
  • The Fredericksburg Town Square, and
  • Fort Worth Stockyards.

There was one thing not listed in any of the books that I wanted to see, and that was the Clock Tower at the University of Texas at Austin. More on that later.

Motel 6 Huntsvillle Texas

Armed with the information I headed to Huntsville where I found a cheap Motel 6 to stay at. Only $35.99 a night! Of course, multiple that by the US exchange rate of 1.35 and you get $48.59 CDN. A bit over my budget but still cheap. And I need a comfortable place to rest.

When I got there the Motel 6 was perfect. It was clean and looked newly renovated with a new clothes washer. AND … it there was a McDonald’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Buffalo Wild Wings, right there.

I decided to spend 2 nights there to further recuperate.

My Route for September 7, 2016


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