First Game of the NFL Season

One of the reasons I decided to stay an extra day in Huntsville was that there was a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings where there were lots of big screen TVs to watch the first game of the NFL football season.


As many of you know, and others have guessed by now, I am a fan of Starbucks. It all started in 1993 when I was seconded to the BC Police Commission in Vancouver to re-write audit standards by which police departments would be audited.

At the street level of the office was one of the first Starbucks in Vancouver. Now there is a quadzillion of them 🙂

I fell in love with the Mocha ha ha.

Since then, where ever I have been in the world, Starbucks has been my home away from home. I am not really a big coffee drinker. Just one a day. But it is more the atmosphere or the feeling of home that I like.

Today was no different.

I went to Starbucks in Huntsville, Texas, with plans to work on my website. First, however, I needed to plan where I was going tomorrow. Most of the things I wanted to do in Texas were located in Austin. Now I needed to find a place to stay there. Everything was so expensive. Time to search Airbnb.


I searched and searched for an Airbnb I thought I would feel comfortable in. This would be a stretching experience for me, that is staying in someone else’s home. A stranger’s home no less. I looked at the pictures, read reviews, checked google maps, and compared and analyzed. It took forever to pick one. At $63 CDN a night it was over my budget for sure. But still way cheaper than any other option in Austin that I could find. I could have gone cheaper if I wanted to stay in someone’s tent in their back yard ha ha.

I booked an Airbnb for 4 nights – yikes!

Texas Longhorns

There is lots to do in Austin. One of them is to see a Texas Longhorns game. Luckily, they were playing at home while I would be in Austin. Unlike a Canadian University football game, tickets are expensive. Of course, this is a totally different experience. I finally bought a ticket on StubHub for $86 USD. It was on the lower bowl at the 20 yard line.

I like to get good tickets when seeing a game. Otherwise I may as well watch it on TV.

I started doing this at 9 am in the morning. It was now 5 pm!!! I have no idea where the time went. I never did get around to working on my website.

Buffalo Wild Wings

It was time to make my way to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the first game of the NFL season.

I didn’t know anything about Buffalo wild Wings until my youngest son, Nick, and I went to a Portland Trailblazers game. Before the game we wanted to watch some college basketball and just stumbled upon a Buffalo Wild Wings in Portland. It was great! So many big screen TVs.

I was sure it would be the same here in Huntsville. And it was.


I perched myself on a high table, and proceeded to drink and eat my way through a great game. That is if you were a Denver Bronco fan.

My Route for September 8, 2016


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