La Paz to Mazatlan on Baja Ferries

The time had finally come to go from La Paz to Mazatlan on Baja Ferries.


It is a Sunday and the Bja Ferry does not leave until 8 pm. Sunday means NFL football. So where else would I watch it but Tailhunter for one last time. It was quiet, just me and a couple cheering for Cincinnati versus New England. New England won. By the time I had to leave people started trickling in for the Seattle game. I wish I could have stayed 🙁

Baja Ferries

They said to be at the ferry terminal at 6 pm. I was there at 4 pm!


Oddly to me, I had to go through customs. The Baja pennisula and the mainland of Mexico appear to be treated as quasi two different countries.

The customs officer I got was really nice. He said he was the only one there that spoke English. His Uncle is a Sheriff in Oklahoma.

He went through all my documents. This is the first time anyone has. I was glad to know they were all in check.

He asked what I did for work. I said I am retired. He said “Oh you are retarded.” huuummmmmm he may have a point.

Weight Station

The next stop was a weigh station ahead. I was told I needed to pay 87.58 pesos as tax. What?? I guess it must be something like our airport tax. I don’t know.

Ferry Line-up

Where to line up was a bit confusing. I waited a bit in the shade until vehicles started to arrive and line up. Soon motorcycles came and just went to the head of the line. I watched as an employee checked them in and they appear to get right on the ship. So off I went. By 5:30 I was on the ship.



When I bought my tickets the woman mentioned something bout luggage. I gathered I couldn’t take much up to my cabin.

After I parked my bike I took off my dry bag and pack sack to take up. The security guard said I couldn’t take that much up. huuummmm.

I then took out a change of clothes and medication which I put in my pack sack with ll my computer stuff. I also pulled out my toiletry bag. The security guard checked it and let me in.


It was then up an escalator to a reception area. At the desk I gave the copy of of my drivers license for the key to my room. I was then escorted to my room. It was sort of like a cruise ship.


It was early so I just wandered around.


The Ferry

There really isn’t much on the ship. It is mostly parking and cabins. There is a small deck to go out on, a big cafeteria slash lounge area and that is it.


At about 7 pm the cafeteria opened up for dinner.


There wasn’t too much choice. And while the dinner was part of your ticket, the drink and desert was not. That was an extra 50 pesos.

I ordered the pizza. I know, very daring of me. It was!


The white stuff is puree potatoes. The brown, puree beans. The pizza …. ummmmm … it is a weiner, ham, mushroom and cheese pizza. Never had that before!

Bed Time

After dinner it was time to go to bed. In this humidity I usually have a shower a couple times a day at least. One before bed. I discovered that the showers on the boat are cold. Torture ha ha.

I had a good sleep though to the slight rocking of the ship and groan of the engine.

My Route for October 16, 2016

Baja Ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan.


La Paz Went By Too Quick

My time at La Paz went by too quick.

Day Trips

There were none ha ha. I had planned to do a couple of day trips on my bike. However, I was enjoying my routine and had gotten lazy. Plus it was already hot outside by the time I woke up. The thought of riding in the heat and humidity wasn’t too appealing.

Getting to Know People

Marine Base

As the days went on in La Paz I started to get to know people. There were the Marine base next to my place and the guards and I greeted each other each day.

Guard Dogs

Not people, but the the restaurant next to me had guard dogs that like to bark wildly all evening at any movement. My patio overlooked their run along the outside of the restaurant. Eventually they started to ignore me. Especially in the heat of the day where they would only open their eyes to see that it was me and then went back to sleep.



I finally settled on going to CinnaRolls each morning for my morning coffee and cinnamon bun. Other places had better food and coffee. But CinnaRolls was close by and had a great view of the malecon and Sea of Cortez.



The server was always nice and as the days wore on had a nice smile for me and a said a few words.

Tailhunter Restaurant

Tailhunter was my hangout. As I mentioned before, where ever I have worked internationally I like to frequent the same restaurant to get to know people. The drawback of course is they you don’t get to experience different places. However, as a solo traveler, getting to know people and having that bond, no matter how temporary, is more important. At least for me.

The owners of Tailhunter, Jonathan and Jilly, soon got to know me and called me by my name as I entered. Both would come around to my table and talk to me.

The staff too were awesome and would come up and shake my hand to welcome me back. Huuummmm maybe I was tipping too much ha ha.

It just so happened that Jilly’s cousin, Shea, was visiting. Shea would hang around the restaurant in the evening. She says she is not outgoing, but she is ha ha. We soon struck up a conversation and I enjoyed a nice evening of conversation with her.

“Conversations” are rare as a solo traveler … at least for me since I am a social introvert. This is especially true in countries that I don’t know the language. So have a few hours of conversation was really welcomed. I hope I didn’t talk your ear off Shea.

There were others too that I got to know as they were regulars there too.

I will miss going to Tailhunter each evening to talk and watch sports.



And of course the view.



Rancho Veiljo

Tailhunter is closed on Wednesdays. Jilly recommened I go to Rancho Veiljo and try the Arrachera Tacos. I did. And they were amazing. Usually I shy away from shaved meat as it can contain fat of gristle which I don’t like. This was amazing.


My server was funny. She didn’t speak English and I basically don’t speak Spanish. Although I have been working on it. We laughed as we tried to figure each other out.

Walks Along the Malecon

Evening walks along the malecon were awesome. That is when everyone come out.

I will miss La Paz.

My Location for October 8 to October 15, 2016


Finding a Routine in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

The first few days in La Paz were about finding a routine, where to eat, what to do, how to be comfortable and relax, and where to go, so I can better relax.

Finding a Place to Eat

One thing I like to do when I stay in one place for a while is to find one restaurant to frequent. I do this because I have found it is a great way to meet people as a solo traveler. Staff and regulars at the restaurant come to know you and engage in conversations and soon become sort of friends. The criteria as I looked was one where the prices were reasonable, they served good food, they showed sports on TV, and there was internet. Tripadvisor is the first place I look.

The number 1 restaurant in La Paz according to Tripadvisor is Tailhunter.



I have been here now 5 times. The place is great!! The owners, Jonathan and Jilly are awesome hosts. They constantly walk around and joke with hosts and help where ever they can. It really is like you are guests in their home.

The food is a mixture of pub, Mexican and Hawaiian with unique flavors thrown in. The quality is first rate. They immediately serve you with chips and salsa. The salsa varies each time.

I have become partial to their Chicken Terriyaki Rice Bowl.

Last night there was a birthday in the restaurant and Jilly served a huge cake to the table and cut pieces for everyone in the restaurant.

And of course the restaurant is a awesome sports bar. Saturday there was a big crowd watching the Washington Huskies kill the Oregon Ducks. I spent all day Sunday there watching football.




Morning Coffee Spots

I have tried a few coffee places.



I think I am settling on CinnaRolls. 🙂


Calamities happen 🙂 The second day here I sat on my sunglasses and badly twisted the right arm and connection. I knew when I placed them on the bed it was not a could place to put them. I tried to focus on the solution and not how stupid I was.

I asked a glasses wearing person at Tailhunter where to go to fix them. They suggested Sears.


The next day I was at Sears when it opened at 11 am.

The clerk at the eyeglass centre did not look to interested. All I could understand was “No” and “solder!” She just handed them back to me.

I remembered passing a small hole in the wall optical place on the way to Sears.

Diana’s Optical

As I walked into Diana’s Optical, a place the size of a closet, I saw two older women behind a counter.


I handed them my glasses. They spent a long time looking at them and how the arms worked. The glasses I have are some new fandangled frame that is not suppose to break and you can bend them anyway you want. Yeah right. Anyways … they are not normal.

I started to become nervous and couldn’t look as they eventually pulled out some tools and did some experimentation. At least they were helpful though.

After a long while they fixed them!! And for only 50 pesos.

Just goes to show you that going to a North Amereican place like Sears isn’t always the best. Sometimes those hole in the wall places give better service and are able to accomplish a lot more.


My routine for the days now is:
1) sleep until I wake up
2) go for coffee where I answer emails and work on blogs
3) go back to my air conditioned room during the heat of the day to study Spanish and do odds and ends
4) at sunset walk the malecon and go for dinner at Tailhunter
5) enjoy a nice walk back home – this is when everyone is out.

Here are some photos from my first few days in La Paz.









My Location for October 8 to October 11, 2016


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