Daily Journal Writing

Today was mostly about catching up on my daily journal.

The Daily Journal has several purposes. First, it is like a diary for me so that in my old age … ok … in my older old age … I can read what took place and bring back memories. Many times I wished I had kept a record while the kids were growing up. Often I feel cheated that I can’t remember some of those precious moments as they grew up. But like many, I was caught up in career and life.

Second, I want to be able to relay to family and friends where I am at, what I am experiencing, and how I am doing.

Lastly, I have enjoyed the blogs of many other motorcyclist. For the last 5 years they have been a source of entertainment and knowledge as I lived vicariously through them. For me they are more interesting than some novel or book. They are the stories of regular people experiencing life. Perhaps there are others out there who will find my blog entertaining.


Some of you may be interested in a few statistics about my website to date, especially by Camosun College Digital Marketing classmates and friends. Here are some:



Calgary Visits

In the evening I was invited for dinner at Nancy’s. Thanks Nancy for the visit, the BBQ hamburgers were great! I was a little concerned about having hamburgers again after my food poisoning, but these were awesome.

I know I will have let people down in Calgary by not arranging a visit. I am sorry. Huuummm how much to say in this public forum about a very personal topic?

I suppose there are two shortcoming about me. Yes I know I have more than just 2 ha ha ha. But one is that I do not like to impose upon people.

Second, in unstructured social environments, I often feel very awkward and uncomfortable, especially when I am alone. For that reason my natural inclination is to avoid them. As a result, things like couch-surfing would be very difficult. On the other hand, it is important to have social contact when traveling alone. Life on the road can get lonely. A conundrum for sure. One I need to resolve and work on during this adventure.

Ok … that is enough personal information. Anyways, I apologize to those I let down.

Route for August 3, 2016


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