South Dakota

After a fun day at Sturgis, it was time to move on through South Dakota heading to Minneapolis.

After you leave the Black Hills area of South Dakota, there is basically one view you see the entire ride – flat, bald, prairie. My GPS had me taking the interstate. There was no way I wanted to ride a freeway. So I overruled my GPS and took a rural route. To tell you the truth I don’t think it made any difference other than no vehicles on the route I took. No vehicles also meant very few restaurants and camping spots.

Faith, South Dakota

I did get caught in a parade in Faith! I even got a few waves from onlookers ha ha. In retropsect, I should have stopped and enjoyed a few hours art their fair. I need to stop being so goal oriented to get someplace. As the Alabama lyrics go, “Oh I’m in a hurry to get things done Oh I rush and rush until life’s no fun All I really gotta do is live and die But I’m in a hurry and don’t know why.”

Finding Camping

As time went on I was thinking I would never find a place to camp for the night. I stopped at a couple places but they had no showers ha ha ha. OK I know I am being picky and I won’t always have that option. But this is America 🙂

Kindred Spirit

I did meet a man and his son at a gas station. They asked the usual questions and then they lit up when I told them I was heading to Argentina. The son was traveling in a van from the US to Argentina! He was home right now due to a death in the family.

Codington Memorial RV Park

As I reached Watertown I thought for sure I would be spending money for a hotel. I then passed by a lake and saw camping. My GPS indicated a RV park. I thought it may be another false alarm, that is camping without a shower.

I decided to do a u-turn and go to the Codington Memorial RV Park. When I arrived I was amazed. What a great find. Now for the ultimate test, did they have showers or would I have to use the lake? They had showers!

The camping spots were spacious.




Next on the agenda was dinner. There was no restaurant around, so it was back to the camp office to pick up the basic food groups: drink – Dr. Pepper, Main Course – Bush Beans, and for dessert – Milk Duds.


The day ended with a swim in the lake.



Route for August 13, 2016


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