Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

There is nothing like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!

In 2013 I spent 5 days at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This time I wasn’t planning on being here for the rally. It just worked out. The last time I spent most of my time at the Buffalo Chip. Today I decided to spend the day walking around downtown.











Most of the motorcycles are of course Harleys. Sturgis is predominately a Harley rally with some Victorys and Indians thrown in. Some very cool bikes. I wish I could own multiple bikes.






But ever once in a while you see a bike like mine!


I looked for Time to Ride, but never saw them.


I found it interesting the “uniforms” we like to wear. If you are going to Sturgis and riding a Harley, there is a specific “uniform” you wear. It usually consists of a bandanna, a vest with various patches sewn on, jeans, and big boots with vibram soles. You also have to show off your tattoos. I call it the “outlaw” look. A chance to show off your bad side and let loose.

Now don’t get me wrong, adventure riders have their uniform too. Our uniform consist of a full face helmet, a fully armoured cortex riding suit, gloves, and cortex boots. Kind of nerdy ha ha. It seems to me the uniform is about showing we go into dangerous terrain and ride to places no one else goes.

In general, I find it interesting the “uniforms” we wear in everyday life and what we are trying to portray by wearing them. I won’t get into that here though.

Motorcycle Gangs

There were the 1% motorcycle gangs at Sturgis as well. I thought it was funny the Hells Angels would have their booth at Bobs Family Restaurant.


They also had another booth across the street for various chapters. I did notice some wearing the “filthy few” patch.


Interestingly, there were other 1% gangs at Sturgis as well. Some are associate clubs to the Hells Angels such as the Destroyers.

However, the Sons of Silence were also there. I am guessing there was some sort of truce negotiated for the Hells Angels and Sons of Silence to be together downtown. Both groups could be seen walking up and down the street.


The Vice President of the Colorado Chapter of Sons of Silence, along with a couple others on either side of him, came up and spoke to me as I was getting ready to leave. We talked about my bike and where I had been. He told me he had been to Alaska on his Harley full bagger and it wasn’t any problem riding the roads up there.

Beer and Women

There are places downtown you can get a beer for $3.50. However, when you add women to the mix wearing lingerie, the price goes up to $6.00! Not only does the price go up, but there is a huge push for tipping as well.


I had a good time at Sturgis. It would be fun to go back with a group of people and have some fun. One of the more fun things for me though is riding with so many bikes. It gives you you a feeling that you are part of something bigger than just you. I suppose that is what I like about motorcyclist waving to each other as they pass as well. Good day.

Route for August 12, 2016


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