San Jose Costa Rica

After 3 days of enjoying the beach life, I rode to the big city of San Jose Costa Rica. The main purpose of going here was that I had booked a flight home for 2 weeks. Also, unlike a lot of adventure motorcyclists, I enjoy looking around the big cities.

TRYP Hotel

The one thing beach resorts and big cities have in common is that accommodation is expensive. San Jose was no different. I decided I would find a hotel deal on Expedia, and use the Expedia points I had accumulated to even get a better deal on my hotel. The result was a nice hotel far below my budget.

As usual, I arrived at the TRYP Hotel early. As a result my room wasn’t ready yet. When it was I discovered they put me in a Premium Suite!

San Jose 42

San Jose 44

It had been a LONG time since I had accommodation this nice. I really didn’t want to leave the room so I could enjoy it as much as possible.

So as to not to venture too far away the first night, I went to the bar in the lobby for happy hour. What happened next I’ve had various opinions about.

OK …. it was 2 for one beer and appies in the bar. They even had a happy hour menu with the 2 for 1 stuff. So I ordered a beer and meatballs. Not long after they came. When I finished my beer the second one came. But for some reason when I finished my meatballs the second one never came. I patiently waited for them. They never arrived. Finally I asked my server about my second dish of meatballs. She said I never specifically requested a second one. What?! It was 2 for 1 appies. A debate ensued. Both of us stuck to our positions. She said I never ordered a second one and I said it was 2 for 1 and I ordered off of the 2 for 1 menu and I got my 2 for 1 beer so why wouldn’t I get the second appie. And why would I just order one when it was 2 for 1. She replied that Happy Hour was now over anyways. I HATE confrontation but I did it anyways here. Finally she said she would check with the chef. I got my second dish of meatballs. I ate them quickly though. I just wanted to get out of there. And “classic Dad” as my kids would say, I would never return to the bar because of the experience.

However, I did enjoy two awesome nights in my room on what seemed to be the most confortable bed I have ever slept on.

Exploring San Jose City

I had one day to explore the city. First, I walked downtown down a pedestrian mall.

San Jose 16

There really wasn’t much to see so I walked around looking for things of interest. Huuuummm a museum with Mickey and Minnie Mouse outside. That was interesting!

San Jose 1

I did find the main plaza which is generally the hub activity.

San Jose 7

San Jose 2

The church on the plaza didn’t look like much from the outside. But sure nice on the inside.

San Jose 9

San Jose 4

San Jose 5

San Jose 6

I continued to wander around looking at the buildings and street art.

San Jose 12

San Jose 15

While walking back to my hotel I found the main market.

San Jose 24

San Jose 20

Not sure if these were for eating or for pets huuuummm

San Jose 22

As I approached my hotel I saw this store. Now I’m not sure if it was a misspelling or perhaps a clever double meaning.

San Jose 27

La Sabana Park

By the time I got back to my hotel there was still time left in the day to do more exploring. So I headed the other direction to La Sabana Park.

San Jose 28

I thought it would be just a leisurely stroll through a park. But it turned out to be the highlight of the day.

As soon as I entered I saw lots of soccer fields. On one of them a goalkeeping school was taking place.

San Jose 30

San Jose 31

Funny watching the younger one learn the skills. This guy had a few problems.

San Jose 32

I continued walking in the park past the police station where their horses were feeding.

San Jose 41

In another open area there was a band playing with kids dancing. It looked like it was going to be a Girls Scouts jamboree.

San Jose 35

San Jose 36

On the other side of the field was the National Sports Stadium.

San Jose 38

San Jose 37

It was then I saw something I’d never seen before. Truly amazing and shows anyone can play the “beautiful game.” There were a group of amputees playing soccer! I just stood and watched.

San Jose 40

San Jose 39

Loved it! So cool.

With that I headed back to my hotel to enjoy my last night in luxury ha ha.

My Route on for August 11, 2017

Tamarindo San Jose

My Location on August 12, 2017

San Jose Map

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