Back to the Ocean in Puerto Vallarta

After many days in the inland of Mexico, I finally arrived back at the ocean in Puerto Vallarta.

Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta

Sometimes where I think I am going, is not always where I am going. The main toll free road from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta went through Tequila. I planned on stopping there. Perhaps even buy a small bottle of tequila. In the morning I put in Puerto Vallarta into my GPS thinking it would taken the this road. I was wrong.

I kept looking for Tequila but I didn’t pass it when I thought I should. I tried to find out where I was on my map. There was nothing recognizable. Huuummmm …. I figured I would just trust my GPS.

When I reached the town of Mascota I found it on my map! I was way off the route I thought I would be taking. Somehow I had turned off before reaching Tequila. Oh well … this route was interesting and not much traffic. Mascota was actually a cool little town to ride through.

Since I came in through a back road, the entrance into Puerto Vallarta was less than grand. I wandered through cobble stoned back roads before finally finding my way into the main town and my hotel.

Hotel Encino

Like a lot of resort towns, the prices for hotels are above my budget. But I did find a hotel in the middle of the old town of Puerto Vallarta. I thought it had free parking. At least that is what the ad said. It turned out the parking consisted of a reserved spot on the roadway. So that is where I parked.


It was right outside a 24 hour reception so I figured it was safe there.

The hotel itself was a typical 2 star hotel … not the cleanest or well appointed … but it was within budget and within walking distance of the town centre. Nice lobby though 🙂


Wandering Around Puerto Vallarta

After checking in I needed to get my bearings of where everything was in the town. I walked up and down the beautiful malecon.



Off the main malecon there was sort of an extension. There I found umbrellas and chairs or a restaurant called Sea Monkey, right on the beach. It just so happened I go a nice chair right up front for the greatest show on earth – the sunset.





It was SOOOOOOOO nice to be back at the ocean again. I love the sounds, smells, and sunsets.

My Route for November 10, 2016


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