The main reason I was in Minneapolis was to change my rear tire. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened in the two days I spent there.


August 15 was a day at the KOA Northwest Minneapolis to relax.  I had a list of things to do.

There was the usual laundry to do.

I set up a Timelapse film video on my YouTube channel about me, given to me by my kids!  Thanks!! It turned out awesome! I did have some problems setting it up though. Thanks JUHLi SELBy for the help!

I also decided to start to re-read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

But most importantly was a Skype call with my daughter Carllee and Ian. The day before they got engaged! Congratulations!

Moon Motorsports


On August 16 I was off to Moon Motorsports to finally get a new rear tire.


I arrived at about 9 am and stood in line at the service desk. I didn’t have to stand in line for long. Right away the window of the Service Manager opened and he offered to help me. I explained I was traveling and needed a new tire. No problem he said.


A hour and a half later I was out of there with a new rear tire for a fraction of the cost that I paid in Fairbanks, Alaska. Awesome!

As for the tire, I got a Heidenau K60 again. While I wasn’t happy with how long the previous rear tire had lasted, I didn’t want to mix front and rear tires. I could still get more miles out of the front Heidenau K60 tire. So we will see how this one lasts.


Mall of America

I had expected to spend most of the day at Moon Motorsports as I had at other BMW dealerships to get work done. To my surprise I was out in less than 2 hours. So I had time to spare. What to do? I have heard lots of about the Mall of America in the past. It is the largest mall in the United States. So off I went.

While I am not a shopper, and I certainly don’t have the money or space to purchase anything, the Mall was actually quite fun.


An amusement park is at the centre of the mall.


The four floors around it contains a shop for every brand and product imaginable. I swear there are more than one Victoria Secrets store in the mall. At least I seemed to pass it lots 🙂



A good day was interrupted at the end by a torrential downpour and lightening.


I hid out in the KOA laundry room until it ended. When it did, I went to inspect my Big Agnes tent. It was dry inside! Even though is was in a pool of water. I moved it to higher ground and went to bed.

Route for August 16, 2016

To Moon Motorsports


To Mall of America


And back “home”


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