Spectacular Vistas from Melanque to Lázaro Cárdenas, Mexico

The ride from Melanque to Lázaro Cárdenas has so many spectacular vistas. It was also long and strenuous. It was hot and humid and there were hours of curves and twisties through lush vegetation. Here are just some of the sights along the way.






It really reminded me a lot of Highway 1 along the California Coast. But when I rode highway 1 there were so many other vehicles enjoying the sights. Here there were hardly any cars at all.

The twisties were a bit difficult and required a lot of concentration. The camber and angles were odd and different for each turn. It was hard to get into a rhythm. I also had to watch out for road conditions as they are not predictable.

It took well over 6 hours to go 400 km.

Lázaro Cárdenas

When I finally reached Lázaro Cárdenas I was hot and tired. The town itself is rather small and dusty like many of the Mexican towns.

Oddly though, they have a mall called the Plaza of the Americas. It has a Walmart, GNC, McDonald’s and Starbucks. It is still under construction.

If you guessed I went to Starbucks, you’d be wrong! I went to McDonald’s ha ha. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten all day except for PowerAde and some snack I brought for the trip.

After McDonald’s I went to Walmart to stock up on snacks.

It was then to the hotel I booked – Hotel del Balsas. It was at the end of a dirt road behind a high fence and barb wire. At least my bike would be secure.

Next door was a drive through beer and snack shop. These are pretty popular in Mexico. So off I went to get some beer.

Beer is cheap here and therefore tempting. Plus, after a long and hot day of riding it is nice to have a cold one. Although I have been thinking more and more that I need to cut back. I’ve never drank so much beer ha ha.

With that it was time to call it a night.

My Route for November 15, 2016


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