Three Days and Four Nights in Laughlin

I spent three days and four nights in Laughlin. I needed it. I wish I could have stayed longer. But as I mentioned in my last post, the hotel rates go way up on the weekends.






One thing evident as soon as I got to the Edgewater Resort in Laughlin was the age of people. At 58 years old, I was one of the youngest people there! And I have never seen so many walkers in one place. And speaking of walking, it is like everyone is in slow motion as they walk down the hall. So this is what an old folks home will feel like 🙂

Cleaning and Re-Packing

I spent more time cleaning and packing that I expected during my stay.


Part of this is my fault. It isn’t my favorite thing to do so I would clean for a bit and then watch TV for a bit. That’s ok … I was enjoying it. Everything got a good wash thanks to the shower.

I did brave the heat outside to go to the laundromat which is always a cultural experience ha ha.



Finding free Wifi is one of the chores of travel bloggers. It isn’t as easy as you would think. I spent a few hours searching the hotel and neighbouring hotels for it. It wasn’t free at McDonald’s or In-N-Out burger. There was only one place to get it. That was at Coco’s Bakery at the bottom of the Edgewater Resort.


Now I could park myself just outside of the restaurant and lay on the floor to work, but I decided nah. So each morning I had breakfast at Coco’s and worked on my blogs 🙂


Monday Night NFL Football

I was in Laughlin for Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. For Monday night I tried the Sports Bar at the Edgewater, but it was way too smoky. Yes, you are allowed to smoke anywhere here. In the Vegas hotels where I have stayed the exhaust system seems to do a good job of getting rid of the smoke. But not here.

I then went to the The Hickory Pit next door which is an expensive steak restaurant. In the lounge they were played the game. So I splurged on an expensive salad, appetizer and a couple of beer.

Now Thursday Night Football, that was an experience.

Thursday Night NFL Football

As I was walking around town I saw a bar at the outlet mall across the street. The signs said, Bikini Bar – Bikers Welcome – Best Sports Bar. How could I go wrong going here for Thursday Night Football?!


The game started at 5:30 and I was there at 5 to make sure I got a good seat.

As I walked in, no one was there. Uuummmm. However, I did notice the bar tender was wearing a bikini. Wasn’t expecting that, but I guess it made sense since the place was called Bikini Bar.

I sat down at the bar, and Randy the bar tender assured me they would put the football game on and turn up the sound for me. In the end they did do that but only on one small TV that wasn’t even HD. I was the only one watching it. Best Sports Bar? huuummm.

Randy said they would have specials during the game. When I was ready to order she said that had chicken fingers, chicken strips, chicken wings . . . then she stopped and said, “I am trying to make this sound fancy,basically we have chicken.” I ordered 4 chicken strips for $6.75.

Moments later I saw a guy with a bag of frozen chicken fingers place them in some sort of small oven on the counter. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I saw Randy turn the chicken strips over. She came to me and whispered that she had forgotten about them and they were a bit burnt. She would only charge me $5 for them. She promised she wouldn’t forget this this time.

I waited and waited some more. I could smell them burning ha ha. The burning must of reminded her and she fished them out and gave them to me. She whispered again to me that she was actually half drunk and forgot about them. She also said that she use to dance here (??? huuummm) and just returned to bar tend. She had never done it before. She ended up giving the chicken strips to me for free. They were burnt a bit but with some beer and ranch sauce it didn’t really matter to me ha ha.

Perhaps her dancing comment explained why there was this weird little bathtub/swimming pool in the room. Something told me I wasn’t in Kansas anymore 🙂

The New England Patriots were killing Huston. So when the strobe lights came on I made a hasty exit. Perhaps I should have stayed for some culture. Maybe this is where the under 60 crowd comes.

My Location for September 20, 21 and 22, 2016

I was sad to see my time here end. I could have used another 2 days. But i am anxious to get to Mexico. I am excited about being in a different culture. The goal is to really slow down when I am there.


Onto the Edgewater Resort and Casino in Laughlin Nevada for some Rest and Relaxation

I was so looking forward to getting to the Edgewater Resort and Casino today. But fefore leaving for Laughlin, Nevada, I had an all you can eat pancake breakfast at the KOA. For some reason pancakes now upset my stomach. I think I just eat them too fast ha ha.

Outside of the eating area they had a petrified tree. It reminded me of Namibia where my son (Nick) and I went to a petrified tree forest while on a mini vacation.



Over a year or so I have accumulated points with Expedia by booking trips with them. I like Expedia. On a couple of occasions, I have had problems with hotels and they have reimbursed me the money paid. Great service.

I was looking for a cheap place to spend a few days at for R&R. I originally looked at Las Vegas. However, the places were above my budget, and if I used my Expedia points I could only stay for a couple of nights. Soooo I started looking at other places in Nevada. In Laughlin I found the Edgewater Resort and Casino for $22 Canadian a night from Monday to Thursday. With my Expedia points it would all be paid for! Of course I booked it. So excited to spend time at a resort and save money at the same time! I would have stayed longer, however, as soon as the weekend hits the hotel rates sky rocket.


As I headed into Nevada it got hotter and hotter. Soon it was 40 degrees Centigrade. The comfortable riding temperature for me is between 22 and 28 degrees. At 40 degrees the cooling effect of the wind is lost. The wind becomes a blast furnace instead.

I have heard that some people zip up their riding suit vents to encourage sweating to keep them cool. Others have told me to take off the riding suit.

All I know is that no matter what the heat adversely effects my riding.

My plan was to stop at Walmart in Bullhead City outside of Laughlin to pick up some supplies for my stay. When I reached Walmart, my motorcycle temperature gauge was showing 43 degrees outside. Walmart became a place of heat refuge just as much as a place to buy stuff.

Edgewater Resort and Casino

After Walmart it was a short ride to Edgewater Resort and Casino. Thank goodness.

I checked in … filled up my sink with ice to chill the beer I bought at Walmart … and the made multiple trips to my motorcycle to bring up all my belongings. One of the goals for my stay here was to go through everything, clean, rearrange things for Mexico, and repack it all better. By the time I finished I was heat exhausted.


I can’t tell you how good the beer tasted, as was the air-conditioning, and TV.

My Route for September 19, 2016


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