Great River Road Iowa Illinois Missouri

YAY! Blue sky as I ride the Great River Road through Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

It was SOOOOO nice to wake up to blue sky. I packed my bike anticipating a long day as it was just over 500 km to St. Louis from Davenport.

The Great River Road today was a mixture of freeway away from the Mississippi River and meandering asphalt along side it.


I didn’t really mind the freeway as I had time to make in a long day.


My first stop of the day was McDonald’s in Burlington, Iowa, for some breakfast.

As I went to get something to eat, three older gentleman (my age ha ha ha) struck up a conversation with me. When they found out I was off to Argentina, I got a question I get often – isn’t it dangerous “over there?” “What about the bandits in Mexico?”

The question came again when they learned that I had lived in Namibia and had traveled throughout Africa. “Aren’t you worried about the cannibal tribes?”

I have found that no matter where you go, the danger is always, “over there.” This is quite natural, I think, to fear the unknown or the other competing “tribe” from our ancestral days. I remember being in Africa and being asked about the danger in the United States due to all the guns.

From my experience living for a bit in Namibia and Macedonia, and traveling a lot through Africa and China, everyday people like you and I just want to fall in love, provide for their family, be productive, and enjoy some laughs with friends. We are more alike than dislike. We find this out when we get to know each other. It is only spoiled by some criminals and despot leaders.

I explained this and suggested I was in just as much danger from bandits in the bad parts of nearby St. Louis.

I have had stuff stolen in Calgary, Venice, Nairobi and Windhoek. Who knows if bandits will get me in St. Louis or Rio.

Anyways … we had a good conversation and I appreciated their support and enthusiasm for my adventure. They were even attempting to contact the local paper to do an article about me. A bit embarrassing since I really haven’t done anything.

On the way out a women approached me with the same questions. She also wanted to go for a ride as she has always enjoyed motorcycles. Sorry, my luggage takes up my passenger seat.

Taco Bell

My next stop was Taco Bell. Now, Meal Deal D at Taco Time is one of my staples ha ha ha. All this for $2.79! On a limited budget in the expensive United States, meals like this are a go to.


KOA St. Louis

After a long day I made it to the KOA.



Dinner at Denny’s for a better meal. A swim. Watch Rules of Engagement on my computer. Bed.

Route for August 21, 2016


Great River Road Iowa

I decided to take the Great River Road Iowa today. The Iowa route on my map had those dots beside the road that indicated it was a scenic ride. The Illinois side did not.

The weather didn’t look good again today as I left La Crosse Wisconsin. It rained periodically throughout the day.

However, as I entered Iowa and rode down the Great River road, it just didn’t seem to matter. The Mississippi River views were awesome.



The rolling hills of Iowa crops were too. I kick myself for not taking pictures of it. I also enjoyed riding through the quaint towns along the river.


One of the towns I stopped at was Guttenburg.




According to Wikipedia, French explorers gave the area the name of Prairie La Porte in 1673. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 transferred ownership to the United States. Who knew the Louisiana Purchase went this far north?!

Economic revival began in 1845 with the influx of hundreds of German immigrants under the auspices of the Western Settlement Society of Cincinnati and continued with the development of the lead mining industry along Miners Creek. By 1850 the town was sizable and nearly all German. The city takes its name from Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type. Many of the buildings today were built pre-Civil War.

While wandering the town I ran into what appeared to be a tour group of some sort consisting of older folks. We of course struck up a conversation. They were fascinated that I was actually taking a motorcycle to Argentina. One wanted to know where my girlfriend was. Me too! ha ha ha. I asked if she was volunteering. That started the jokes and laughter. It was all fun.

I enjoy these interactions. As a solo rider you talk to yourself lots ha ha. Or my conversations consist of writing you, like right now!


The weather was improving. But I decided to spend another night in a motel. Tomorrow it is St. Louis and back to camping. Good weather is on its way. If you can trust the forecasts!!

Route for August 20, 2016


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