Searching for Charlie’s Angel and my Favorite Cop

My servicing at Long Beach BMW finished early so I was able to search out Charlie’s Angel and my favorite cop.

My service appointment at Long Beach BMW was for 7:15 am. That meant setting the alarm as I wasn’t sure about LA traffic that time of day.


Having a motorcycle serviced is like going to the Doctor. You just pray there won’t be anything majorly wrong. Especially when it is time for a major service. And I am already way over budget after my repairs in Alaska.

I was quoted a price of $511 USD. Not bad at all. But I knew that was just the opening price. Once it started I would need this and that and the price would double.

I sat in the waiting room trying not to think about the results. Other times I have waited all day as one thing after another has come up.

By 10 am the Doctor, I mean mechanic, appeared. My bike was done! And the price? $504.31 Total!! Under quote! I knew there was a reason I chose Long Beach BMW ha ha.

I was now off to search for Charlie’s Angel and my favorite cop.


Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetary

Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett and Don Knotts who played Barney Fife in Andy of Mayberry, were buried st Westwood Village Memorial Cemnetery. Like most young boys my age when Charlie’s Anglels was on, we were infatuated with the Farrah Fawcett poster she put out.


And growing up, and now too, I loved Barney Fife.


When I arrived at the address, all I could see was high rises and parking lots. I rode around looking for a cenetary but couldn’t find one.

I went to my GPS and put in cemetery and went to the closest one about 10 km away. As I walked around I realized this wasn’t the right one. Fortunately, they had WiFi there. I googled the cemetary several different ways and they all came up with the same address i had been at. Soooooo back I went.

I circled around and around. On one pass I saw an ally and decided to go down it. Sure enough there was a small cemetary bordered by high rises. Weird place for a cemetery.


I quickly found that this was no ordinary cemetery though. Despite being small and bordered by high rises, it contained the burial sites of some legendary people besides Farrah Fawcett and Don Knotts. Here are my photos.












The cemetery was so small it was easy to find the graves.

After a bit it was time to head to the Sahara Motel where I would be spending 2 nights at.

Heat and Lane Splitting to the Sahara Motel

When I got back on the highway to go to the Sahara Motel, that traffic came to an almost stand still. And it was HOT! The external temperature on my motorcycle showed 45 degrees! Way too hot to be stuck in traffic.

I was aware that lane splitting was no legal in California. I watched several motorcycles do it. I have to say I was a bit nervous as the gap between lanes isn’t that big for a big BMW 1200GS. But I watched how the motorcycles did it. They sort of went from lane to lane and down the middle. A lot of cars moved over for them.

I decided to go for it. It didn’t take long and I got the hang of it. I wasn’t goinf fast, only 20 kmh or so, but at least I was moving and not standing still in the stifling heat. Wasn’t too long before I was at the Sahara Motel.

My Route for September 26, 2016




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