Stop off at Torreon on the Way to Monterrey for a New Tire.

I decided to go to Monterrey for a new tire, but on the way I would stop off at Torreon.

There was apparently a tire place in Durango I could have gone to, but I didn’t feel like going backwards. Over the past couple of days I had gained more confidence in my cracked tire. So I decided to go to Monterrey where there was a BMW Mottorad. It was either a 2 day ride or a short 1 day ride for those Iron Butt riders


To date I have not listened to music while riding. I generally prefer just to hear the sounds of the road unless there is a lot of wind and then I put on my custom ear buds.

Today I decided I needed to listen to some music. I was feeling a bit out of sorts and thought the music may be uplifting. For the most part I find music depressing ha ha ha. However, the songs I have on my ipod are one I find uplifting.

The songs are everything from rap, hip hop, country, and rock. I would say they are mostly rock though. And mostly old school rock since there isn’t much being sung these days 🙁 But I do have Kid Rock and the much maligned Nickelback.


I have been keeping up with my breaks every hour and find them quite enjoyable.

Today was turning out really nice. The music is just what I needed. And for my breaks I had left over pizza from the night before ha ha. Hawaiian



It took me a while to find my hotel in Torreon due to all the construction. And it was right downtown. I like downtown hotel as it is easy to walk around. But they are a pain to ride in.

I finally found the Savoy Express.


I am staying at hotels because they are relatively inexpensive compared to the US and Canada. This hotel was equivalent to what I was paying for a Motel 6 in the US. And it is nicer.

Like I am finding at most places, the staff at Mexican hotels are so friendly. Perhaps it is because of my lack of Spanish ha ha ha. It is always a challenge, but fun. It was no different here.

After checking in I explored the town.






It was funny how they were building a big pedestrian mall and no one was on it. Yet on the main road it was packed with chaos.

I found Torreon to be a pretty cool city.

My Route for October 25, 2016


Back to Parral

To ride back to Parral from Creel I chose to do another route. It wasn’t that spectacular. But I still liked it 🙂


I was up early and anxious to get out of my cramped quarters. As I looked down the main street in Creel is was a ghost town.


There just wasn’t any soul to the place. No life. No hustle and bustle that is so prevalent in Mexican towns. I understand it is still the low tourist time. But that is just the point.

Anyways … I rode out and stopped for gas. Beside me was another adventure rider on his BMW. We talked for a bit. He was from Zacatecas Mexico out for a weekend ride through the curves of the Copper Canyon.

Highway 16 and 24 to Parral

Despite thee road being kind of boring and straight. I enjoyed my ride. It was sunny and warm. There were nice rolling hills. And I was taking my breaks.



My Route for October 23, 2016


Day off in Parral

It was nice to spend a day off in comfortable surroundings. Parral itself was not that nice, at least within walking distance of my hotel.

I looked around for a tire place – nothing. Next on my list was a place to get my haircut. I didn’t see anything. Last was a place to get my measurements taken for a suit for my daughter’s wedding – nothing.

To my amazement though, I saw a Vancouver Donuts shop! Never heard of it before, but I had to go in.



The place was full of pictures of Vancouver – my home big city I guess you could say.


I wanted to find out how this place got here and if the owners were from Vancouver. Perhaps someone from Vancouver was even there. Unfortunately, the people there did not speak English. And my Spanish is so rudimentary I didn’t know how to ask the questions I had.


Oh well … I enjoyed a coffee and donut amongst the pictures of Vancouver.


Another discovery on my walk was a Dominos Pizza.

It was Monday and that meant Monday Night Football. So that evening I ordered a pizza, got some beer, and watched football. A bit of home away from home ahhhhhhhh.

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