La Paz Went By Too Quick

My time at La Paz went by too quick.

Day Trips

There were none ha ha. I had planned to do a couple of day trips on my bike. However, I was enjoying my routine and had gotten lazy. Plus it was already hot outside by the time I woke up. The thought of riding in the heat and humidity wasn’t too appealing.

Getting to Know People

Marine Base

As the days went on in La Paz I started to get to know people. There were the Marine base next to my place and the guards and I greeted each other each day.

Guard Dogs

Not people, but the the restaurant next to me had guard dogs that like to bark wildly all evening at any movement. My patio overlooked their run along the outside of the restaurant. Eventually they started to ignore me. Especially in the heat of the day where they would only open their eyes to see that it was me and then went back to sleep.



I finally settled on going to CinnaRolls each morning for my morning coffee and cinnamon bun. Other places had better food and coffee. But CinnaRolls was close by and had a great view of the malecon and Sea of Cortez.



The server was always nice and as the days wore on had a nice smile for me and a said a few words.

Tailhunter Restaurant

Tailhunter was my hangout. As I mentioned before, where ever I have worked internationally I like to frequent the same restaurant to get to know people. The drawback of course is they you don’t get to experience different places. However, as a solo traveler, getting to know people and having that bond, no matter how temporary, is more important. At least for me.

The owners of Tailhunter, Jonathan and Jilly, soon got to know me and called me by my name as I entered. Both would come around to my table and talk to me.

The staff too were awesome and would come up and shake my hand to welcome me back. Huuummmm maybe I was tipping too much ha ha.

It just so happened that Jilly’s cousin, Shea, was visiting. Shea would hang around the restaurant in the evening. She says she is not outgoing, but she is ha ha. We soon struck up a conversation and I enjoyed a nice evening of conversation with her.

“Conversations” are rare as a solo traveler … at least for me since I am a social introvert. This is especially true in countries that I don’t know the language. So have a few hours of conversation was really welcomed. I hope I didn’t talk your ear off Shea.

There were others too that I got to know as they were regulars there too.

I will miss going to Tailhunter each evening to talk and watch sports.



And of course the view.



Rancho Veiljo

Tailhunter is closed on Wednesdays. Jilly recommened I go to Rancho Veiljo and try the Arrachera Tacos. I did. And they were amazing. Usually I shy away from shaved meat as it can contain fat of gristle which I don’t like. This was amazing.


My server was funny. She didn’t speak English and I basically don’t speak Spanish. Although I have been working on it. We laughed as we tried to figure each other out.

Walks Along the Malecon

Evening walks along the malecon were awesome. That is when everyone come out.

I will miss La Paz.

My Location for October 8 to October 15, 2016


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