Cinnamon Bun

The goal today was to leave Dawson City to go back to Whitehorse with a stop for a cinnamon bun.

It looked like it was going to be a nice ride. Mostly cloudy, but a little sun poking out from time to time. As I rode I passed lots of “mom and pop” gold mining claims. Each one sifting through river rock for gold.

Braeburn Lodge

As I got closer to Whitehorse I came up to Braeburn Lodge. Now I had heard from several people that I needed to stop there for a cinnamon bun.

On the counter of the restaurant and there were these massive cinnamon buns!!! I love cinnamon buns. I even like to eat the raw ones before they are cooked. They should sell cinnamon bun dough too! Maybe on a stick. The best cinnamon buns were made by Grandma Klassen.

Now these cinnamon buns aren’t cheap. Twelve dollars for a cinnamon bun!

I dug into eat but didn’t get too far before I was full. I had it wrapped. This cinnamon bun lasted for 2 more meals after this one! So perhaps the price wasn’t too bad after all. It was good, but no Grandma Klassen 🙂

Caribou RV

As I got closer to Whitehorse the weather turned cloud to drizzle to rain. My options were to camp or go to the Talhini Hostel I enjoyed the last time I was here. The only problem with going to the hostel was that it was 20 km back from where I came. I also had to go through a construction zone with a pilot car. Naturally I went to Starbucks to contemplate my next move.

The rain eventually stopped but the clouds still looked ominous. After checking the weather forecasts at various sites, I made the executive decision to camp at Caribou RV. You may remember I camped there when I was heading north.

On my last stop I had run into a guy from Montreal who had had enough of the rain, mud and dirt. He was headed home as fast as he could. As I pulled in this time I was reminded of him. I understood how he felt. I was feeling pretty exhausted from the same things. The one difference? I made it to Prudhoe Bay and dipped my toe in the Arctic Ocean. I did it! I may be exhausted, but I achieved what I set out to do and persevered through the various hardships.

After pitching my tent, I went to dinner at the adjacent Wolf’s Den restaurant. Just for a salad. The cinnamon bun was still sitting in my stomach.



Route for July 27, 2016


Onto the Capital of Yukon – Whitehorse

The target for today was the capital of Yukon – Whitehorse. After a nutritious breakfast of a Wonderbar and Coke Zero, I was set to Leave Nugget City. The ride is quite beautiful with lots of lakes and huge valleys. I should have taken some pictures. I got to learn that. But my happy place is riding and I hate to stop.

Whitehorse Accommodation

It was a short ride to Whitehorse. The blogs I read recommended staying at the Beez Kneez hostel or the Wolf Creek campground. Obviously the Beez Kneez hostel is popular, it was booked solid. I rode out to the Wolf Creek Campground to check it out. As I rode through it, I saw nothing but outhouses, and no showers! Not the place for me ha ha ha. I remembered as I was riding into town I saw another campsite and decided to check that out.

Caribou RV Park

As I entered the Caribou RV Park I saw showers. This was my kind of place. I booked the night. Those showers? They were immaculate! They were self contained units with a toilet, sink, and shower. You weren’t even allowed to wear shoes into them. I asked about a car wash. The attendant said they had one on site. Bonus. I washed off all the dust from my motorcycle and riding cloths. This place was perfect.


In the evening a guy from Montreal pulled in on his BMW motorcycle. It was covered in dirt. He was extremely discouraged and I was actually concerned about him. He said he was tired of the rain, dirt and mud and just wanted to go home. When I told him I planned on going to Prudhoe Bay, he said not to do it. I talked to him more as he pulled out his wet, muddy tent and set it up.

I have to admit our conversation caused me some anxiety. Being a city guy, the further north I go the more out of my comfort zone I am getting. And hearing this didn’t help. Getting to Prudhoe Bay could be a greater challenge than I expected.

The route for July 7, 2016


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