La Paz to Mazatlan on Baja Ferries

The time had finally come to go from La Paz to Mazatlan on Baja Ferries.


It is a Sunday and the Bja Ferry does not leave until 8 pm. Sunday means NFL football. So where else would I watch it but Tailhunter for one last time. It was quiet, just me and a couple cheering for Cincinnati versus New England. New England won. By the time I had to leave people started trickling in for the Seattle game. I wish I could have stayed 🙁

Baja Ferries

They said to be at the ferry terminal at 6 pm. I was there at 4 pm!


Oddly to me, I had to go through customs. The Baja pennisula and the mainland of Mexico appear to be treated as quasi two different countries.

The customs officer I got was really nice. He said he was the only one there that spoke English. His Uncle is a Sheriff in Oklahoma.

He went through all my documents. This is the first time anyone has. I was glad to know they were all in check.

He asked what I did for work. I said I am retired. He said “Oh you are retarded.” huuummmmmm he may have a point.

Weight Station

The next stop was a weigh station ahead. I was told I needed to pay 87.58 pesos as tax. What?? I guess it must be something like our airport tax. I don’t know.

Ferry Line-up

Where to line up was a bit confusing. I waited a bit in the shade until vehicles started to arrive and line up. Soon motorcycles came and just went to the head of the line. I watched as an employee checked them in and they appear to get right on the ship. So off I went. By 5:30 I was on the ship.



When I bought my tickets the woman mentioned something bout luggage. I gathered I couldn’t take much up to my cabin.

After I parked my bike I took off my dry bag and pack sack to take up. The security guard said I couldn’t take that much up. huuummmm.

I then took out a change of clothes and medication which I put in my pack sack with ll my computer stuff. I also pulled out my toiletry bag. The security guard checked it and let me in.


It was then up an escalator to a reception area. At the desk I gave the copy of of my drivers license for the key to my room. I was then escorted to my room. It was sort of like a cruise ship.


It was early so I just wandered around.


The Ferry

There really isn’t much on the ship. It is mostly parking and cabins. There is a small deck to go out on, a big cafeteria slash lounge area and that is it.


At about 7 pm the cafeteria opened up for dinner.


There wasn’t too much choice. And while the dinner was part of your ticket, the drink and desert was not. That was an extra 50 pesos.

I ordered the pizza. I know, very daring of me. It was!


The white stuff is puree potatoes. The brown, puree beans. The pizza …. ummmmm … it is a weiner, ham, mushroom and cheese pizza. Never had that before!

Bed Time

After dinner it was time to go to bed. In this humidity I usually have a shower a couple times a day at least. One before bed. I discovered that the showers on the boat are cold. Torture ha ha.

I had a good sleep though to the slight rocking of the ship and groan of the engine.

My Route for October 16, 2016

Baja Ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan.


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