Visiting Friends at Lake Chapala

I left San Miguel and headed towards Lake Chapala to visit friends, Barry and Emily. It was so awesome to see them! Back in Abbotsford, BC, Barry was one of my youngest son’s soccer coaches. And Emily had a son on his team. Needless to say we talked a lot about soccer.

I stayed at Barry and Em’s house for two nights.


They took such good care of me and they have an amazing place. I could get use to living here :-). It is a 3 story townhouse with a patio on top overlooking a soccer field 🙂 … mountains in the back, and there is a nice dog park.





There was also another surprise as Rob, a parent of another one of my son’s soccer teammates was also living in the same complex. It was nice to get caught up with him as well. It was like going back in time.

Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest freshwater lake. The area Barry and Emily live in consists of San Antonio, Ajijc and Chapala. I heard that it basically has its own ecosystem. According to the National Geographic, the region has the second best climate in the world!! No wonder the place has so many people from the US and Canada.

Touring the Area

Ok … this is where I could kick myself. Barry and Em were kind enough to take me on a tour of the area. Wouln’t you know it, I forgot to take my camera and phone. So no pictures 🙁

San Antonio is really small. But it does have the Walmart for the region.

To the west is Ajijc. It is bigger and had lots of cool art shops and restaurants along the many narrow cobble stone streets.

When I left Barry and Em’s I dropped back there to take a couple of pictures to redeem myself.




Ajiji also has a nice malecon along the lake.

Next we went to Chapala. Chapala appeared to be much larger and more hustle and bustle. It too had a huge malecon with areas of grass on the side where families with having picnics. The malecon was full of people, vendors and entertainers. I love how they are such a family affair.

Thanks Barry and Em for your amazing hospitality!

My Route for November 5, 2016


My Location for November 6, 2016


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