Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, standing outside the Starbucks in Whitehorse with his BMW 1200 GS in the background.

Relaxing in Whitehorse

Weather in Whitehorse

When I woke up in the morning it was raining.

I checked the forecast and it called for rain the next 2 days. I would have loved to stayed at the Caribou campground. But decided I should book a room at Canada Best Value in Whitehorse to wait out the rain in a little more comfort. It wasn’t cheap. Then again, nothing is up north.

As I left the campground, the guy from Montreal was crawling out of his tent. He waved at me and yelled, “see, raining!” I waved back and laughed.


Wherever I have traveled in the world, Starbucks has been my home away from home. Even when working in Macedonia I would take off on weekends to go to Greece for some Starbucks atmosphere.

It was so awesome to see Whitehorse had a Starbucks! I know. Make fun of me 🙂 I spent the day there to relax, connect with people, and write some journal entries.

It wasn’t long before a woman sat next to me and started working on her computer as well. She struck up a conversation and asked where I was from. It turned out she was Salt Spring Island and use to live in Victoria! And is a motorcyclist too! Right now though she was traveling up north in her camper van. She had been traveling since she turned 50 and shared amazing experiences from India, Nepal, Laos, and Thailand. A fascinating person and I enjoyed our conversation over the next couple of hours.

When travelling alone, these conversations are priceless. Thanks Lynn!

Takhini Hot Springs

After a night at Canada Best Value, valued at $93 for a run down hotel, I set off to have my first hostel experience at Takhini Campground and Hostel at Takhini Hot Springs just outside of Whitehorse. I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

Wow! What an amazing place, both the hostel, hot springs and the restaurant attached to the hot springs.

The hostel.




Lunch at Cafe Balzam.


Then a dip in the hot spring.


Back to Cafe Balzam for dinner.



God Laughs at our Plans

There were 3 others at the hostel. Carrie and Rusty are Americans who now live in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Carrie sold me that I have to go there. But she warned I may never leave. Sounds like an amazing place. Great meeting you Carrie and Rusty.

The other was David from Houston Texas. A few years ago he got in a bad motorcycle accident that put him in the hospital for a couple of months. He now rides a Cam-Am Sypder.


He was in the Yukon riding with 2 friends. His friends were planning on riding up to Prudhoe Bay. However, in one of the gravel sections I rode through coming into Whitehorse, one of his friends hit some deep gravel and was thrown over his windshield and totaled his BMW GS. “God laughs at our plans,” David told me several times as he recounted the story.

When I told him I was planning to go to Prudhoe Bay David repeated it again, “God laughs at our plans.” He also didn’t think it was wise of me to go there by myself. “There is nothing out there,” he said, “if something happens to you no one will find you.”

Loving Living Adventuring

After talking to David I received a message from Brent Carroll. I have been communicating with him ever since I learned he was going to Prudhoe Bay at the same time I was. Anyways, exchanged email back and forth and arranged to meet up in Fairbanks and do the route to Prudhoe Bay together.

David was happy. So was I. Thanks for the conversation and concern David.

Check out Brent’s website at

July 8 – Whitehorse. Route on July 9


4 thoughts on “Relaxing in Whitehorse”

  1. My peeps ❤️ Hey save some $ – when are to back in Whitehorse? I would like to set u up with some biker friends for a bed n great company.

  2. Brian – Safe travels and am enjoying ready about your adventure. I am always around if you need mechanical advice

    1. Hey Dave …thanks …. so far no mechanical trouble. Although I waited 7 hours to get new tires!!!

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