Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, celebrating his 18th birthday by blowing out the candles on his cake.

Once Known, Long Since Forgotten

“Once known, but long since forgotten.” I have pondered these words many times since motorcycle adventurist Alex Chacón said them at a Horizons Unlimited travel event in Nakusp. Will I be forgotten?

107 Billion People Have Lived

It is estimated that 107 billion people have lived on earth. In ancient times we know some of the rulers and religious leaders. However, for the vast majority of people, they have long since been forgotten. They had names, hopes and fears. They once laughed, loved, cried, did kind deeds, and contributed to society. Yet they are no longer known. It is like they never existed.

In modern history we have more records of people’s lives. It is estimated that has the records of 8 billion people. These people are not totally forgotten. We have archived photos, letters, and other snippets of who they were and what they did. Nevertheless, for the majority of those who have lived in modern times, they have long since been forgotten.

Digital Footprint

Today most everything we do has a digital foot print that will be in the ether for generations, if not forever.  We also have the ability to post blogs and videos to document our lives so future generations will know us in a very personal way.

Leaving a Legacy

As I enter the autumn of my life I think more and more about my life and legacy. I don’t want to be once known but long since forgotten. Yes, I know I have raised kids, and my DNA is being passed down through my grandkids Mia and Benjamin, and hopefully my positive influence as well. I have also had a good career where I have hopefully had a constructive impact on people’s lives. But somehow, for me, that isn’t good enough.

I want to do something momentous in my life.  I want to leave something behind where I can be known and not forgotten.

One Reason to Ride Around the World on a Motorcycle

This is one of the motivating factors for me deciding to ride around the world on my motorcycle. For me it is about accomplishing something notable in my life. My own exclamation point. Not only through my adventure, but also along the way reaching out to people in a meaningful way. In a way that will make their lives a little bit better.

And so this won’t be forgotten, I will be sharing a daily journal, making videos, and writing thematic blogs on my website I trust that will also help you do something meaningful in your life and that you will always be remembered.

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