Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, standing by the welcome to Alaska sign

North to Alaska

I was actually debating staying at the Takhini Hostel and hot springs. It was so relaxing. Perhaps I should have. But I have to come back that way so maybe then.

Gem in Haines

I love finding gems in my travels. The Takhini Hot Springs was one of them.

After leaving for Alaska I got to Haines. I like to ride for a hour and then stop for coffee. Haines was the place. I rode up and down the main street and didn’t see much. However, I did see a sign saying “Village Bakery and Deli.” I turned down the street and pulled up to a cool little building with a big deck. When I walked inside it was packed! The baking looked awesome. One of my favorites is cinnamon rolls. Perhaps because Grandma Klassen made the best 🙂 These looked close though.



I guess I had to leave. But another place I could stay a lot longer at. Perhaps I should be doing that. I am working on slowing down.

Scenery and Roads

The one thing about Yukon and Alaska so far is the huge expanses you see.



Mile 1202

By mile 1202 it was time to stop for gas and grab another snack. The gas station had a nice old fashion wooden patio. I relaxed on a chair watching travelers fill up with gas. As well as an ingenious crow who knew exactly how to get food from the garbage can.


Finally made it to Alaska! YAY! I was planning on staying at the Thompson Eagle’s Claw Motorcycle Park. But when I looked on the website they didn’t have showers. Huuuuummmmm me and my shower fetish. As I got into town I saw a RV Campground that had showers and camp spots for tents. I was sold. Even if the attendant was less than friendly. I almost said screw it. But the showers made the decision for me. It turned out those showers were extra clean.

For dinner I went to Fast Eddies next door. It was hot and sunny. I wore my sunglasses there. More on that in a later post.

My Route for July 10, 2016


3 thoughts on “North to Alaska”

  1. Hi Brian, Rob McColl here. I have been looking at your blog and along with the photographs I am enjoying watching your travels. Hope you are well. I miss out conversations and laughs. Bye for now.

    1. Hey Rob! In Deadhorse Alaska now. Just 10 miles from the Arctic Ocean or I guess the Beaufort Sea.Glad you are enjoying the journal 🙂 Yeah … those coffee breaks were the best time of the day ha ha

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