Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, sitting on his BMW 1200 GS looking at a Glacier National Park vista.

New Phase

As I left Calgary I felt like I was entering a new phase in the adventure. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. I was also going to be entering the lower 48 USA.

I decided to take Highway 2 to the Caraway border crossing. The scenery was so nice. I love it when on one side I see mountains, and when I turn the other direction I see prairie. Many people disparage the prairie scenery and aim to rush through it. I enjoy it.


I was so relaxed as I road along. It felt like a new phase in the adventure.


The Caraway border crossing was an easy one. Probably the last real easy crossing I will make in a while. The border officer was pleasant and wish me a good trip to Argentina.


The wonderful scenery continued as I took Highway 89 to Great Falls, Montana. Highway 89 skirts Glacier National Park. As a result, I continued to enjoy the beautiful mountains to my right, and the far reaching prairie, with its growing crops, to my left.

Eventually the highway turned away from the mountains and into the prairie towards Great Falls.


As I mentioned before, the cost of accommodation to date has been way over my budget. To bring this under control I would need to do lots of camping. The KOA campgrounds are perfect for this – for me. Before I left on my adventure I purchased a year value card membership for KOA that gives me 10% off.

What I like about KOAs is that they always have clean washrooms with showers, a swimming pool to relax around, and good WiFi. Of course you pay a premium for this. However, it is still below my budget.

I wish I was into wild or bush camping some some of my other blogger friends out there. It would cut down on expenses immensely! But that is not who I am and this adventure is mine, for me.

Anyways … I had booked 4 nights at the KOA in Great Falls. The weather forecast was for great weather, and I was in need of a break from riding for a few days.

I finally arrived and set up camp.

Route for August 4, 2016


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