Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, parked his BMW 1200 GS in front of an old historical mansion in Natchez.

Natchez to Baton Rouge

I left Natchez to head to Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge had suffered a lot of flooding recently and I was wondering what it would be like there. The President had visited the area just a few days earlier.


I had been to Natchez before and loved the history of the city. It one tine it was ruled by the Spanish and I passed the old Spanish Governor’s mansion.

In the 1850s, half of the millionaires in the US lived there. The result was a lot of mansions, which remained untouched during the civil war.

As I rode out of Natchez I passed many of these. I managed to get up the driveway of the Dunleith Mansion.


According to Wikipedia, the 12 room main house sits on 40 acres along with several outbuildings including a carriage house, a dairy barn, a poultry house, and a three story brick courtyard building that historically would have housed the kitchen, laundry and slave quarters. The main house has a Greek revival design and includes 26 Tuscan columns built of brick and stucco. There are porches around the entire building on the first and second floor. The first floor includes windows similar to those in Monticello which would roll up to become doorways. The 1957 film, Raintree County was partly filmed at Dunleith, as was a portion of the 1974 version of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn by Columbia Pictures, and an episode of Promised Land for CBS television in 1998.

After leaving Natchez the ride was rather non eventful.

Baton Rouge

I arrived in Baton Rouge early. It was hot! The only sign of flood damage I saw were advertising offering assistance to flood victims.

I arrived at the Motel 6 in Port Allen that I booked at around noon. They wouldn’t let me check in until 3 pm. This was the first time I have ran into this. Usually if a room is available and clean they will allow early check in. Not this time.

I passed the time by doing laundry, watching others being told they have to wait until 3 pm., and setting up my Helinox one chair in the shade to read.

By 3 pm I got my room overlooking an adult emporium and the Crazy Horse Cabaret. I had to cover my buddy’s eyes to he wouldn’t get corrupted.


Route for September 2, 2016


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