Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, at Livingston KOA. The picture of to chairs in the trees overlooking the Yellowstone River

Livingston Montana

Today was to be a positioning day to get to Livingston Montana so that the next day I could do Yellowstone Park and the Beartooth Pass.

It was a short and enjoyable 3 hour ride from Great Falls to just outside of Livingston.


Along the way a guy in a older BMW kept passing me. I suppose he would stop and I would pass him and then he would catch up and pass me. Eventually I needed to get some gas and so stopped at Livingston. Wouldn’t you know it, there was the same BMW. After he finished filling up, he came over and introduced himself as Bob from Livingston. The motorcycle he was riding was a 2001 1150 BMW GS. It was in immaculate condition.

We got to talking and he asked how far south I was going. I said “Argentina.” The guy at the pump across from me started to laugh. He sarcastically said, “You’ll enjoy Ruta 40.” Such as small world. And I am constantly amazed at the people that talk to you when riding a motorcycle.

Anyways …. Bob, as it turned out, had ridden to Inuvik before and had also ridden through Mexico and Central America. He gave me advice about staying away from the Mexican border towns, especially at the Nogales border crossing.

In my previous career I had been to the Nogales border on a security tour. It was a border like no other I had seen. There were a line of of vehicles being torn apart and sniffed by dogs. On a perch overlooking the wall into the Mexico side of the border you could see a line of of people wanting to walk across the border.

I wasn’t planning on going through the Nogales border, but rather heading to Tijuana and doing hte Baja first. Bob said that part is just like the US.

Off Bob went, another interesting person met along the way.

Livingston KOA

Made it to Livingston KOA.



As I walked around I noticed two chairs amongst the trees. The picture is above as my featured image. The chairs overlooked the Yellowstone River.


I was attracted to the image. Not sure why. Perhaps the beauty I found in it. Perhaps the romanticism of it. Or perhaps the loneliness it symbolized. Perhaps all of the above. I entitled it on Instagram as “soulmates.”

Not a bad KOA. Weird to have an indoor pool though. Time to charge electronics to prepare for tomorrow. Really looking forward to Yellowstone and Beartooth!


Route for August 8, 2016


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