Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, on a boat where he took this picture of the Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Legendary Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

It was a short ride to the legendary Cabo San Lucas. I was excited about going after everything I have heard and seen about it.

Short Ride from La Paz to Cabo

Cabo is only a couple hours or so from La Paz. I thought about stopping at Todos Santos but didn’t. I’ll do a day trip there later. I didn’t have much time to spend in Cabo to see everything.

Cabo Vista Hotel

I had booked the Cabo Vista Hotel for one night in Cabo. I arrived before noon. There was lots of security at the hotel. You just couldn’t walk into the front desk. You either needed a key or be buzzed in. In the front office are monitors with cameras from around the hotel.

It was there I met Mone from Cabo Vista Hotel. She was one of the nicest people I have met. She immediately made me feel like I was a long lost friend. There was no problem checking in before noon. Mone took me to my room and showed me around and how to operate everything.

I know the TV isn’t that important to many of you. For me however, it is. This TV was awesome. Naturally, in many of the hotels in Mexico you get the basic Spanish Mexican TV channels. On this TV I could watch CNN both American and International, ESPN, NFL Network, and even KING 5 from Seattle!

I immediately decided I would spend another night here! It was an awesome hotel for a great price. The hotel is a basic long term hotel with a kitchen that is close to downtown.

Having made the decision to stay another night, I basically vegged out for the rest of the day in the hotel room. And I put my motorcycle to bed.



Cabo San Lucas

I woke up early the morning of October 6 ready to explore Cabo. There were two main things I knew I had to see, The Arch and Cabo Wabo ha ha. The later I knew I would be asked by everyone if I went there or not.

To save money, and for more fun, I wanted to walk to the Arch, I had seen a picture of a friend who was standing waste deep in the water in front of the Arch. That is what I wanted.

Trying to get to The Arch

Looking on the map, it appeared that I could walk there from the Marina along the beach or trail. Wrong. There was a wall of rock along the water and a large fence in a gap where there could be a trail around.

I decided to go to the other side of the pennisula and see if I could walk around that way. To get there I had to go through amazing hotels where the women were walking around in sun dresses and the men in Tommy Bahama shirts ha ha. This is how the 1% live.



I found a stairway down to the beach. Although I did have to climb over a rope and around a red flag on the beach huuummmmm.


I reached another wall of rock bounded by water. I asked a guy there if I could climb over to the Arch. He said it may be possible but wouldn’t try it without proper footwear. I was wearing sandals.

It was high tide and it looked like the only way to the Arch was hiring a boat. Back to the Marina.

Boat Tour

There are lots of people at the Marina bugging you to go fishing or a tour. I just picked one. It was a lot of fun. And I got to see the Arch. even if I couldn’t get out and stand by it. Here are some pictures from the boat tour.












Senor Frogs

After the boat tour it was time for a drink/breakfast ha ha. I Senor Frogs at the dock.


Of course they up sold me on a orange juice and vodka … $11 US later.


Speaking of US dollars. The obvious thing about Cabo is that they want you to depart with your US dollars. Things are priced by US dollars and in my experience they don’t want Pesos. There are people constantly approaching you to get a massage, go fishing, buy silver, get a cigar and what have you. It made it hard to enjoy walking around.

Anyways …. back to Senor Frogs. It was before noon and Senor Frogs getting into party mode already.


By the end everyone had a balloon hat.


I then walked around the Marina to be accosted by sales people. But hte view was nice.





Cabo Wabo

Time to look for Cabo Wabo for some lunch. It actually took me awhile to find it. But that gave me more of a chance to explore the town. I did eventually find it.





I got some beer, chips and salsa and just enjoyed the live music and environment.



Two women started talking to me and asked if I was lining up for tickets. They want onto explain to me that it was Sammy Hagars 69th birthday tomorrow and he was putting on a concert. One of the women said she has been coming for his birthday for 15 years now. Anyways … apparently there are several lineups you have to go through and people were there waiting for the second line to finally get the tickets.

After a great day in Cabo I walked back to my hotel.


My Route for October 5, 2016


October 6, 2016

I toured Cabo 🙂

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