Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, with a a picture from his Airbnb apartment in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Back to La Paz for a Week of Rest and Relaxation

Today I head back to La Paz for some rest and relaxation.

Highway 1 to La Paz

On the way down to Cabo I took Highway 19. This time I took Highway 1 back up. Although I had planned to Cabo Pulmo. Somehow I missed the turn off. My GPS isn’t very accurate in Mexico. And the signs aren’t that instructive for gringos. Oh well, it was a really nice ride. Lots of nice curves. Perhaps I will get to Cabo Pulmo on a day trip from La Paz. Right now I needed to give my knees a rest. There have been hurting.


I have been using Airbnb for some of my accommodations. Often it is cheaper than a hotel, especially in urban centres or in vacation spots.

I looked around in La Paz for a hotel but found what looked like a great Airbnb apartment neat the water and malecón. The only issue was that there were no reviews on it. However, the person renting it out had other properties and the reviews on them were good. So I had booked 9 nights until my ferry to Mazatlan left on the 16th.

Like I said, my GPS in Mexico is not that accurate. I put in the address of the Airbnb apartment and it took me there. So I thought. The addresses on the houses were non existent but it looked like I was at the right spot. I arrived at the appointed time and no one was there. I waited and waited. Another problem I have is that I am relying on free Wifi. I don’t have a phone number.

Eventually I went to a nearby hotel and used their WiFi. Turns out that I was a block off.

My La Paz Apartment

I met Gabriela at my apartment and she took me around. There it is behind the blue gate.


The gated area is awesome to keep my motorcycle safe!


It looks like that this is a storage facility for the Marina across the street. There are storage lockers everywhere. I am assuming that at one time this apartment was a caretaker apartment.

Awesome patio with a great view.



The inside was your basic bachelor pad. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the kitchen. Just a hot plate, sink and small fridge. The plan was to do some cooking while I was here. Well … make sandwiches anyway ha ha.




I settled in for a nice week.

My Route for October 7, 2016


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