Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, BMW 1200 GS parked outside the Finish Line Sport Grill in Pomona California.

Sunday NFL Football. Finish Line Sports Grill.

It is Sunday and you know what that means. Sunday NFL Football! Yes I do love my NFL Football. I love the hype around it just as much as the games itself. So I watch all the pregame broadcasts as well.

Finish Line Sports Grill

Across the street from the KOA in Pomona is the Finish Line Sports Grill. Sorry Bikini Bar, but THIS is a real Sports Bar.

I have been here a few times before and was another reason I chose the Pomona KOA. I was there right at opening – 9 am.


The Finish Line Sports Grill has a huge horse betting area as well as the bar. Sunday is busy here because of NFL Football and all the horse races that are on. One big screen is dedicated to football and the other to horse racing. As you can see, TVs line the walls and include every football game and horse race.



It was like I was in heaven ha ha. Well … until I had the bacon and egg burrito.

For some reason it effected my stomach. But not to worry. After going outside to lay on the grass for a bit it went away.

Oh yeah … before leaving on this adventure I ended up in the hospital a couple of times for stomach pains. I now take medication 🙁 I took one of these as well which helped. Just another medication I carry around in my pannier. Most of one pannier contains medication for the trip.

Anyways … Finish Line Sports Grill was awesome. Although I am not sure who chose the games to be on thee big screen. Everyone seemed to be watching the games on one the TVs lining the walls. Of course the Seattle Seahawks game was relegated to one of these TVs.

Sadly, eventually, it was time to head off to my hotel in Buena Park closer to Long Beach where I was to have my motorcycle serviced at 7 am!

My Route for September 25,2016


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