Home in Vancouver Canada for Christmas

I was really looking forward to going home for Christmas to visit family and friends.

Buying Spree

One of the first things to do was go on a buying spree for not only Christmas gifts but also things I needed to replenish for my adventure. But first was to see a doctor and dentist. The doctor was easy, and I got prescriptions renewed and a 6 month supply of medication purchased.

With the dentist I got my teeth cleaned. However, he also advised that I really needed a tooth pulled and an implant put in 🙁 Well … that was going to have to wait. No time to do it now and I wasn’t feeling any pain anyways. This could come back to bite me 🙂

One of my biggest purchases was a new phone. If you remember, mine had gotten water inside and the screen wasn’t working.

Visiting Family and Christmas

Getting medical checkups, and buying stuff, was the dull part of Christmas. The best part was visiting family, especially my 3 kids, spouses, and my 2 grandkids. Well ….. soon to be three grandkids 🙂

One evening we went to the Stanley Park Christmas train. Very cool …. both the weather and the park. Not use to cool weather after being in heat for such a long time.



And of course there was celebrating Christmas 🙂





The second best part of Christmas was the food … homecooking. My diet on the road is crappy. I know. I eat a lot of processed foods and once in a while I venture out on my own to eat a good meal at a restaurant. This isn’t the same as home cooking though. So I really enjoyed the Christmas meal made by my ex-wife. Thanks!

Visiting Friends

Visiting friends was also a priority. First, was a dinner with old high school friends. Some I hadn’t seen since high school over 40 years ago!!

While at home I took a bit of an excursion for a week to Vancouver Island to visit friends. For the 2 years prior to my adventure I worked at the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner in Victoria on Vancouver Island. So it was really nice to visit with some of my former colleagues.

I also went up island to visit another former colleague from my Abbotsford Police Days.

Panic and Stress

Interrupting my good time was an email I received on my first morning on the island. It was instant panic and stress that would stay with me for weeks. In my next blog post I will reveal what it was all about.

In any case, I made a conscious effort not to let it interfere with the enjoyment of being home.

Coming to an End

My Christmas vacation was coming to an end. One last meal with my kids and their families and it was time to go.

As far as social media goes I was pretty much dormant over Christmas. There were a few reasons for this. Of course I was busy. But also my life appeared to be in a state of transition and stress due to that email.

My Route on December 8, 2017

Screenshot (66)

My Location from December 9, 2017 to January 9, 2018

Screenshot (67)

There Is No Place Like Home

From San Jose I rode a short distance to Alajuela, Costa Rica, so I could catch a flight home from the nearby San Jose airport. It turned out that the flight back home to Vancouver, Canada, and the flight back, were not as routine as I thought they would be.

Alajuela Airbnb

In Alajuela I rented an Airbnb for a month, including the 2 weeks I would be at home. The cost was under my accommodation budget and had a secure place to store my motorcycle. Perhaps I could have found secure parking at a cheaper cost, but this was a place I could stay for a few days before leaving and a known place to come back to without have to move everything a couple of times.

Flight Home

For the first time, I used the Uber app to get an Uber ride to the airport. Unlike most things in Costa Rica, it was cheap! Although the driver was preoccupied with sex. I guess when he found out I was traveling alone he thought that was what I would be interested in talking about.

I got to the airport and my gate on time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same thing about my flight 🙁 It was late. I was taking a flight from San Jose to Houston and then Houston to Vancouver.

Soon I heard my name called on the intercom. Yup … My flight was so late I would miss my flight to Houston. I had two choices, catch a flight tomorrow from San Jose, or go to Houston and catch a flight home tomorrow from there. I decided just to start all over again tomorrow.

Copa Airlines was pretty good in their response. They escorted me past immigration to get my luggage, then past Customs. I then met with a ticket agent to reserve my flights for tomorrow. The best deal was a 4 am flight to Panama City, then to Houston and finally Vancouver. The first 2 flights were in First Class.

With that settled they got me a taxi to a nearby Best Western where they gave me a $12 meal voucher.

By 6 pm I closed my blinds, set the alarm for 1 a.m., and went to sleep.

1 a.m. came early 🙁

The first 2 flights were good. But by the time I got to Houston I just didn’t want to go any further.

I arrived in Vancouver at 10:30 and was so glad to be met by my daughter. A long day!

Kids and Grandkids

The main reason for going home now was to be with my kids and grandkids while it was still summer in Vancouver. By far the hardest part of my adventure is being away from them for extended periods of time.

So I REALLY enjoyed spending time with them. Going to English Bay, Ambleside Park, White Rock, Langley, Stanley Park, bowling, picnics, patios … Of course there was a lot of swinging, see-sawing and digging in the sand with the grandkids. So much fun.

Van 5

Van 10

Van 3

Van 2

Van 1

Van 25

Van 28

Van 30

WR 13

WR 20

Here we were watching kids jump off of the pier at White Rock along with watching crabbers bring up their catch.

WR 21

White Rock

I went once with my grandkids to White Rock, but I also managed to sneak off to enjoy it on my own. It is definitely one of my favorite places in the world.

WR 3

WR 2

WR 7

WR 6

Surreal Experience

One thing I made time for was to see friends who I hadn’t seen since high school over 40 years ago! A very surreal experience. My high school experiences are a bit of a blur now. I don’t remember a lot. But seeing Ralph, Colette and Eileen brought back memories, as did looking through old school yearbooks. I haven’t been in touch with many from high school since those days, but they had been. It was fun hearing about people from years ago and where they are now. Amazing how far we have all come and the experiences we have had. Hard to believe. I think time and experiences tend to mellow us from those crazy high school days. There seemed to be all these group statuses back then. At least that was my perception. But not anymore.

Anyways … thanks Ralph, Colette and Eileen for the good time and for your support. The nicest people ever.

Flying Home

My 2 weeks at home went by fast. Thanks Mike, Amy, Mia, Ben, Car, Ian and Nick for such an enjoyable time and your hospitality.

My flight back to Costa Rica was Vancouver to Los Angeles to Panama City to San Jose. As I checked into my Air Canada flight to LA there was a problem already. Their screen said I needed to show a ticket onward out of Costa Rica. I explained to them that my motorcycle was in Costa Rica and I would be riding it out of the country. I was just away for 2 weeks to visit my kids. They were good about it and let me through, but warned I could be sent back to Panama by Costa Rican immigration.

As a precaution I booked a hotel in Panama to show immigration that I was planning to leave the country.

In LA I had to walk to a different terminal to catch my Copa Airlines flight to Panama City. LA is my least favorite airport in the world. The walk seemed to take forever as I went through tunnels, and up and down escalators. But I finally made it to the gate.

As they started to board the plane I heard my name called on the intercom. I went to the desk. The clerk said I needed to show a ticket out of Costa Rica before I could board the plane. Once again I explained my circumstances. Unlike Air Canada, they didn’t care. I HAD to show a ticket out of the country or I couldn’t board the plane. A hotel reservation was not good enough. It had to be a ticket proving I was going to be leaving the country! I continued to argue that they never cared about this when I entered the country on my motorbike. The clerk said I was just wasting time and advised me that even a bus ticket out of the country would work.

The pressure was now on. The plane was boarding as I scrambled on line to purchase any bus ticket out of Costa Rica.

I heard them directing people to take my luggage off of the plane!

I found a bus ticket on line! They would send me an invoice and I would have to pay it and then they would send me a ticket via email. That all takes time. I begged them to hurry. The invoice came, however, when I tried to pay it I couldn’t. It wanted a Paypal account, even though I was paying by credit card, and for some reason I couldn’t access my account.

By this time everyone had boarded the plane. The last call was made. It looked like I would miss my flight and be stuck in LA. I let out a huge sigh cuasing everyone to look at me. The clerk came over to me and said, “show me what you have.” I showed her my invoice.


September 10, to Nicaragua, that’s all she needed to see. She didn’t need to see how I paid for it. Of course I hadn’t and never would. So all I needed was an invoice of a ticket leaving the country that I never plan on using to PROVE I was leaving the country. It all made no sense. But at that point I didn’t care. I rushed onto the plane.

In Panama City no one asked me the same question.

In Costa Rica as approached customs I felt like I was a criminal and could be sent to jail ha ha. I got up to the booth and the agent only wanted to know how long I would be there. That was it. He gave me 90 days and I was off!

The whole thing was stupid. The world is not made for long term motorcycle travellers. It is only made for vacationers or immigrants.

Now the big question was whether or not my luggage would arrive since I heard them taking it off. It did! When I saw it I was so relieved. I made it back.

My Route on August 13 2017

san jose alajuela

My Location from August 14 to 16, 2017


My Location August 17 to 31, 2017


Hiatus Hernia Surgery

With the wedding now past, I turned my attention to my need for hiatus hernia surgery. My lingering fear was that I would be put on a waiting list and I wouldn’t have the surgery for months. Meanwhile, my bike and belongings were in Oaxaca. The temporary import permit for my motorcycle expired on March 28. I needed to have it out of Mexico by then.

I kept mulling options in my mind. Take a chance and fly down there and ride my motorcycle back home? This would end my trip 🙁 Perhaps I could just leave my stuff there and beg for mercy when I left Mexico with my bike. Then there was the issue of where I would stay while waiting. I couldn’t stay with my son in his small apartment long term. It was all very depressing.

Surrey Thoracic Surgery Group

My surgeon was Dr. Wen from the Surrey Thoracic Group in Surrey, BC. A lot of my fears were relieved when I had my pre-operative appointment with him. He was so kind, understanding, and accommodating of my predicament. We spent a long time with his assistant trying to figure out ways to get me in for surgery fast. No matter what though, if an emergent case came in, eg. lung cancer, I would take a back seat. We finally decided on a plan. I was booked for surgery in 2 weeks.

As luck would have it, the day before my scheduled surgery it was cancelled 🙁 We needed to work out another plan. One option was to book me into the hospital. Once there I would become a priority so to free up my hospital bed. Another Dr in the Thoracic Group, Dr. Ashrafi, had surgery time coming up that wasn’t booked yet. I took it and hoped for the best.

Jim Pattison Centre

The day before my scheduled surgery I wasn’t to have anything to eat, and I had to attend the Jim Pattison Centre for blood work, xrays, CCG, and appointments with a nurse and the anesthesiologist.

The blood work turned into an ordeal. I can’t remember how many vials they took, but at one point I got faint. Many years ago I use to faint with needles. However, 15 years ago, after a month in the hospital with pneumonia and getting many needles, this went away. But it came back today.

There was quite the response to this … nurse, security, attendants, code blue, and a CCG. Well, at least I got my CCG without having to wait ha ha. I think it was all because of not having anything to eat and the stress of my situation.

After a bit of rest I was onto my other appointments. This was an all day event.


The day finally arrived and no cancellation. The two biggest fears I had about the surgery was the anesthesiologist putting a mask over my face to put me out, and having a tube put up my nose into my stomach and waking up to that. I let them know! ha ha. I just hate anything over my face. I panic. The nurse gave me some ativan while I waited.

I walked into the surgical room and layed down on the bed. I could feel panic starting at the prospect. The anesthesiologist was no wear. I just wanted this over with. Finally she came. Instead of putting a mask over my face she gave me an injection into my IV tube. I was out.

The next thing I remember was being wheeled into a room. My hands were velcroed to the bed. I wanted them loose! The attendants were yelling at me to stop pulling the tubes then ha ha ha. They undid my hands and I could feel them pulling the tube from my nose that led to my stomach. I felt relief at that.

The next thing I remember is being in the Thoracic Ward in the hospital.

Hospital Recovery

I was in a daze for the most part as I recovered in the hospital. Lots of medication and only liquid food. The nurses were great. For a couple of days I had a student nurse and I was her only patient ha ha. So lots of attention.

They were going to release me until a complication developed. I got Arrhythmia. This required more drugs and more time in the hospital in the hopes it would go away. It did.

I finally got to go “home.” Home meant to my son’s place. I don’t have a home. Although home is really where ever you are when you are a traveler.

Home Recovery

My son Nick is one of the most caring and loyal people you will ever meet. Many people would not know that about him. For the next 5 weeks he would be nurse Nick.

Nick picmonkey

His place is not big. I slept on the floor. But I was very comfortable there.

IMG_4022 picmonkey

I spent my time watching the news, getting sucked into meaningless Facebook debates about Trump, watching Netflix, going to Starbucks, eating a fluid diet, and watching old time TV shows.

It was nice though being able to spend time with Nick. And a couple weeks later Carllee and Ian when they returned from their honeymoon.

I was also able to stay long enough to be there when my oldest son, Mike, and his family moved back to Vancouver from London, England.

Two days before I was booked to fly back to Oaxaca I celebrated my grandson’s first birthday 🙂


Back to Mexico

The time had finally come to fly back to Mexico. My 2 week trip home for my daughter’s wedding had turned into a 2 and a half month ordeal.

I had mixed feelings. I was becoming comfortable where I was at. And I especially enjoyed being with family. It was hard to leave. At least I was going back to familiar territory – Oaxaca.

My Location from January 15 to March 13, 2017


My Location for March 14, 2017


Daughter’s Wedding

I got out of the hospital in time for my daughter’s wedding! Carllee is my only daughter, so the only chance to walk down the aisle. It would take a lot to miss it.


The evening before the wedding was the rehearsal. Like every rehearsal I have been to it was lots of fun with lots of joking around. My part is pretty straight forward – walk my daughter down the aisle and “give her away.” I actually hate that phrase. I am really not going to give her away ha ha ha. Sorry Ian 🙂 (her new husband). But Carllee will always be MY precious daughter. She has grown up to be such a beautiful woman both inside and outside.

After the rehearsal we went for dinner. Food is a bit challenging these days. I am only suppose to have soft mushy food. Pizza was the food of the night, however, Ian’s parents were kind and got me some mushy pasta ha ha. I didn’t want to end up back in the hospital.


Now Carllee’s wedding part is a bit unique. Her “bridesmaids” consist of one of her best friends, my youngest son Nick, and my oldest son Mike and his wife Amy. That meant they would be getting ready early in the morning and taking pictures before the ceremony.

Carllee and Ian 🙂


Before I left on my motorcycle adventure I gave away everything, including my suits. Luckily, one suit I left for my son’s was still available. That is what I used.

After looking after Mia and Ben while everyone was getting ready, it was time to go to the church for family photos.




Time for the ceremony and my staring role 🙂


There were other stars too, like my granddaughter Mia.



One of the most memorable moments for me was when Carllee and I were at the front together And I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back. Just the last “I love you” before she became a married woman.

It was time for me to sit down and enjoy the special moment.

Ian is a really nice guy and a great addition to the family. The only negative is that he is a police officer ha ha ha. But he keeps the tradition going as my father was a police officer as was I.

One thing I couldn’t put in a previous blog is that while I was at the Arctic Ocean I skyped with Ian and he asked me if he could marry Carllee. As if I didn’t know what was coming ha ha ha. Of course i said yes as Carllee adores him 🙂

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was held in Yaletown in Vancouver. One of the trendy spots in the city.


I am suppose to talk at the reception. I quickly learned that this was a rowdy crowd! I changed most everything I planned on saying. It was too serious ha ha. While Carllee and Ian may have appreciated it, no one else would. So I winged my talk throwing in funny stuff to keep it interesting. Short and funny is what was called for. Besides, I knew the other parents would take care of the serious stuff that I wanted to say.

The reception ended with lots of dancing by drunken and shirtless cops on the floor. Oh so typical ha ha.

The End

It was time to head home after a day I will never forget. So glad I was able to walk my daughter down the aisle. Love you Carllee!

My Location from January 13 to January 14, 2017


New Year and Back Home Hospital

It is almost the new year, 2017, but I am more focused on heading back home to Vancouver, Canada, for my daughter’s wedding.

New Years Eve

To usher in the new year I planned on going to a Mezcal bar called In Situ.

Mezcal is all the rage here in Oaxaca. There are Mezcal stores, tours and bars everywhere. Tequila seems to have taken a back seat. Unlike Tequila, which is only made with blue agave, the Mezcal varieties are achieved with a mixture of different agave families.

I started my New Years Eve with a walk around town to see what was going on. The Zacalo was buzzing with people setting off fireworks. Unlike Canada, there seems to be no regulations. They were being set off everywhere. Some just missing people watching.

It was getting close to midnight so I headed off to In Situ. To my surprise it was closed! I guess it is more of a lounge than a party spot.

There are lots of bars and clubs in town so I walked around a bit to see if there was anything that would interest me. Most of them were pretty quiet and I didn’t feel like going in by myself. So I went back home.

As midnight struck there were lots of fireworks being set off. Interestingly though, there were more fireworks on Christmas Eve. It appears that the biggest celebrations are reserved for religious events.

Like the old guy I am, I went to bed 🙁

Going Home

More important than New Years was that I was going home on January 4 to attend my daughter’s wedding on January 14. The plan was to return back to Oaxaca on January 18 and stay there until the 31st.

The flight home was uneventful. I picked up a rental car and went to my youngest son’s place in Langely where I would be staying while I was here.

The next day we met up with Carllee and her fiance Ian at where else ….. a Mexican restaurant in Vancouver for dinner.


After I got back to Nick’s place (my youngest’s son) I started to feel ill. I thought it may be just travel fatique and perhaps something I ate. As the night wore on it got worse and worse. I was vomiting and had diarrhea. Later rather than sooner I realized this was not an ordinary illness. I was in lots of pain. Nick drove me to Langley Memorial Hospital.

The hospital energency room was packed. There was no place to sit. But I had to sit somewhere. I took a chair that was obviously reserved for someone but there weren’t there now. I didn’t remain seated for long. In pain I went to the floor and vomited. That is one way to by-pass emergency room line-ups! It wasn’t long and I was in a hospital bed hooked up to morphine.

Once the pain had subsided I went for numerous tests. The results? I had a hiatal hernia. Complicating matters was that my stomach had slipped through it and was now twisted in my chest! Apparently this is rare for adults. This would require surgery.

The surgeon at Langley Hospital told me the specialist in this procedure were at the Surrey Hospital. A transfer ambulance later I was there.

hospital first picmonkey

Decision Time

For the next three days I had nothing but jello and juice 🙁 And for the last day nothing! The Doctor came into my room and said I could have the surgery right now if I wanted.

After some discussion, he said there would be a 20% chance I would miss Carllee’s wedding. But if I didn’t take the surgery now who knows when I would get in again. That meant my trip could be in jeopardy if it took months. Compounding the problem was that my motorcycle permit in Mexico expired on March 28 which meant I needed to get the bike out of the country by then. In the end though it really wasn’t much of a decision. The 20% chance of not walking my only daughter down the asile were odds I was not willing to take. I said no to the surgery.

With the decision made, and my twisted stomach settled down, I was released from the hospital to attend Carllee’s wedding.

My Location for December 26 to January 3, 2017


My Flight on January 4, 2017

I did make a stopover in Mexico City though.


My Location from January 4 to January 12, 2017


New Phase

As I left Calgary I felt like I was entering a new phase in the adventure. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. I was also going to be entering the lower 48 USA.

I decided to take Highway 2 to the Caraway border crossing. The scenery was so nice. I love it when on one side I see mountains, and when I turn the other direction I see prairie. Many people disparage the prairie scenery and aim to rush through it. I enjoy it.


I was so relaxed as I road along. It felt like a new phase in the adventure.


The Caraway border crossing was an easy one. Probably the last real easy crossing I will make in a while. The border officer was pleasant and wish me a good trip to Argentina.


The wonderful scenery continued as I took Highway 89 to Great Falls, Montana. Highway 89 skirts Glacier National Park. As a result, I continued to enjoy the beautiful mountains to my right, and the far reaching prairie, with its growing crops, to my left.

Eventually the highway turned away from the mountains and into the prairie towards Great Falls.


As I mentioned before, the cost of accommodation to date has been way over my budget. To bring this under control I would need to do lots of camping. The KOA campgrounds are perfect for this – for me. Before I left on my adventure I purchased a year value card membership for KOA that gives me 10% off.

What I like about KOAs is that they always have clean washrooms with showers, a swimming pool to relax around, and good WiFi. Of course you pay a premium for this. However, it is still below my budget.

I wish I was into wild or bush camping some some of my other blogger friends out there. It would cut down on expenses immensely! But that is not who I am and this adventure is mine, for me.

Anyways … I had booked 4 nights at the KOA in Great Falls. The weather forecast was for great weather, and I was in need of a break from riding for a few days.

I finally arrived and set up camp.

Route for August 4, 2016


Daily Journal Writing

Today was mostly about catching up on my daily journal.

The Daily Journal has several purposes. First, it is like a diary for me so that in my old age … ok … in my older old age … I can read what took place and bring back memories. Many times I wished I had kept a record while the kids were growing up. Often I feel cheated that I can’t remember some of those precious moments as they grew up. But like many, I was caught up in career and life.

Second, I want to be able to relay to family and friends where I am at, what I am experiencing, and how I am doing.

Lastly, I have enjoyed the blogs of many other motorcyclist. For the last 5 years they have been a source of entertainment and knowledge as I lived vicariously through them. For me they are more interesting than some novel or book. They are the stories of regular people experiencing life. Perhaps there are others out there who will find my blog entertaining.


Some of you may be interested in a few statistics about my website to date, especially by Camosun College Digital Marketing classmates and friends. Here are some:



Calgary Visits

In the evening I was invited for dinner at Nancy’s. Thanks Nancy for the visit, the BBQ hamburgers were great! I was a little concerned about having hamburgers again after my food poisoning, but these were awesome.

I know I will have let people down in Calgary by not arranging a visit. I am sorry. Huuummm how much to say in this public forum about a very personal topic?

I suppose there are two shortcoming about me. Yes I know I have more than just 2 ha ha ha. But one is that I do not like to impose upon people.

Second, in unstructured social environments, I often feel very awkward and uncomfortable, especially when I am alone. For that reason my natural inclination is to avoid them. As a result, things like couch-surfing would be very difficult. On the other hand, it is important to have social contact when traveling alone. Life on the road can get lonely. A conundrum for sure. One I need to resolve and work on during this adventure.

Ok … that is enough personal information. Anyways, I apologize to those I let down.

Route for August 3, 2016


Blackfoot Motorsports Servicing

Since Fort Nelson the service light has been on on my motorcycle. I knew it needed an oil change and that the brake pads were shot. My rear fender was loose. I tried to tighten it but it was tight huuuummmm. My fear was that it would come in contact with my rear tire and cause damage. The closest authorized BMW repair shop was Blackfoot Motorsports in Calgary.

Today was finally the day to get those things fixed.




I recognize that it isn’t great for dealerships to have drop ins as it disrupts their schedule. When I arrived I was told they were booked up for a month! After I explained that I was passing through after being in Prudhoe Bay, they said they would make room for me. I settled in for a long day of waiting.


People You Meet

One of the best things about waiting at a BMW service department is the people you meet. As I was waiting another BMW pulled up. I recognized the bike from Yukon or Alaska.


I big Chinese guy got off the bike and I asked him if he had been up north. He told me he had just ridden the Dempster Highway to Inuvik! Over the next few hours Shuen (at least that is how I think you spell his name) exchanged stories of mud, dirt and rain ha ha ha.

It turned out that Shuen lives in a city outside of Shanghai and was in Montreal for cooking school. He had to be back in China August 20. But first he was heading to Vancouver for some “real” Chinese food. When he gets back to China he wants to work in a restaurant, but also do motorcycle excursions in China.


For those of you who don’t know, I use to do work in China and go there regularly. I love the people, culture and language. Although, I am not fond of their food ha ha ha. I will stick to our americanized Chinese food which you can’t get in China. Sometimes I will turn on a Mandarin speaking TV station just to hear it. It makes me “home sick.” One day I will be back there. I would love to become fluent in Mandarin. Another goal for another time.



As the hours passed, news came to me about the condition of my motorcycle and what needed to be done. Yes, the brakes were shot. The problem was that they said there were no BMW 1200 brake pads in all of Canada! How can this be???!!!

Then the news came that they found 2 after market pads in Quebec. But it would take a couple of days to get them to Calgary. What??!!! I explained that in Anchorage I had parts the next day. Different system they said.

The next news was that they discovered that Ducati uses the same pads as BMW. There was a Ducati dealership in town that had them. YAY! Rather than waiting for the delivery from them they put on pads from a new bike and would replace them with the Ducati pads when they arrived. One problem solved.

The next problem was that the bearings on my rear fender were worn out. They couldn’t just replace the bearing but would have to replace the whole fender at a cost of $230. I told them to just remove the fender.

The next problem in line was that the bearing in my front tire were gone. They had the bearing but not the dust seal. Apparently the bearing already have a seal in them. So the solution was to just replace the bearings, clean off the old dust shield and reinstall it.

The last problem was that my rear tire was worn. What???!!! I just got it in Fairbanks less than 4 weeks ago and had only put on 5,700 km! If I had to replace tires every 5,600 km this would be a very expensive trip. I am not impressed with the wear of the Heidenau K60 Scouts. I wasn’t going to get new tires at this stage and probably not the Heidenau K60 again. My old Metzeler Tourances’ lasted 12,000 km. I will be on pavement for the next 2 months, so the plan is to run the Heidenau’s bald.

By 5:30 pm I was out of there.

The Route for August 2, 2016


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