Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, at Blue Bell Creamery in Blenham, eating two cups of ice cream.

Blue Bell Ice Cream, Airbnb and Texas High School Football

Today was a great day of visiting the Blue Bell Creamery for ice cream, getting to my Airbnb, and watching Friday night Texas High School Football in Austin.

Blue Bell Creamery

When I looked up things to do in Texas, the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham was on the list. How could I resist ice cream!

That was my first stop of the day. And I couldn’t resist have two cups – Camo and Cream and Cookie Dough.







OK … I must be feeling better. More pictures today 🙂

The ice cream was awesome. A very distinctive taste to it. A farm fresh taste. I would have liked to taken tour, but due to a 2015 listeria outbreak they have stopped tours to prevent any contamination.

My Austin Airbnb

After ice cream it was time to make my way to the Airbnb I reserved in Austin. I was quite apprehensive about this. Not my style to stay in a stranger’s house ha ha. But it is good for me to stretch and grow. That is what a large part of this adventure is all about!

I found the location. I was given the code to the door previously as the host didn’t know if she would be there or not when I arrived. Soooooo in I walked into a stranger’s home. I kept saying to myself, “this is wierd,” as I walked to my bedroom and started bringing my belongings in.

All of a sudden the host appeared. She must have been there as I was bringing stuff in. She couldn’t have been nicer! She made me feel at home right away. All my anxiety disappeared and the place felt like home. Thanks Chalu!!



Friday Night Texas High School Football

Another thing on the list of things to do in Texas was to see a Friday night High School Football game.

I researched the top ranked teams in Texas. Westlake was ranked number 7 in the state and I think 26 or so in the nation. It was fairly close by. Off I rode.

It was one of those events you just have to smile at if you haven’t been to one before. It is high school and they do it up big!






It was a great night 🙂


My Route for September 9, 2016


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