Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, at the the church in the town square in Loreto, Mexico.

A Day in Beautiful Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

I was sooooooo looking forward to spending a day in beautiful Loreto. It didn’t disappoint. So quiet, relaxing, clean and friendly.

Morning Walk

First on the agenda was a morning walk around town before it got hot.










They keep the town soooo clean. Like many parts of the world it is much cheaper to use human lbour to do this than machines. Plus it keeps people employed. All around the town were worked sweeping the sidewalks, streets and curbs.


Sea Coffee

Next was my morning coffee. I enjoy my one cup of coffee a day. One thing I miss on this trip is going for coffee at Picnic with my co-workers back in Victoria, British Columbia. My favorite part of the work day ha ha. A coffee toast to all those I went for coffee with 🙂 Good times!

Anyways …. back to Loreto.

I checked on Tripadvisor for the best coffee shop in Loreto. Sea Coffee was number one. I asked the hotel clerk where it was. It turned out it was right at the hotel across the hall!

For the next few hours I enjoyed coffee and apple pie, the sunshine, and fans ha ha (it was very hot) while I worked on my website.





Evening Walk

I enjoyed the afternoon in my air conditioned room ha ha. But in the evening I went for another walk and enjoyed the sights.




It looked like they were doing a wedding rehearsal inside the church. So I got a sneak peak inside.


Mi Loreto

I decided to cap off the day with a nice meal. Being the researcher I am, I looked on Tripadvisor again. Mi Loreto was ranked number one. It was only a block from my hotel.


The staff were really nice. They spent a lot of time with me and all the other patrons.

To start I had a coconut Margarita and an appetizer they give for free.


Next a salad just for my daughter Carllee 🙂


The main course:


And they supplied th4e dessert for “free” too. A date pie.


Life is tough on the road 🙂

By the end though my stomach was starting to rumble. Please don’t let it be Montezuma’s revenge!

Instead of doing a night stroll I went back to my room to let my stomach settle down. I ate so much.

It was an awesome day though. Soooooo glad I decided to spend the day here.

My location for October 3, 2016


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