Cafe Brujula

Back in Oaxaca

March 14, 2017, I flew back to Oaxaca.


When I arrived I took a cab back to the Airbnb I had left two and a half months ago for 2 weeks ha ha leaving all my belonging behind in my room.

Susanna at the Airbnb was kind enough to take care of my bike and belongings while I had my extended stay back home for surgery.

As I entered into my new room, all my belongings were waiting for me inside! What a great place :-). I can’t say enough about Susanna and her Airbnb. They were so kind and accommodating. I will be forever grateful.

Meeting Fellow Adventurers

I couldn’t stay for long at the Airbnb though as I was meeting Curt and Lynette for drinks and dinner. It was going to be a long day 🙂

Curt and Lynette have been traveling the world for 3 years now. They have been to Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, and now central america. You can find there website at


I have been keeping track of them as they have bounced from country to country. When I saw we were going to be close to each other in Mexico I wanted to meet up with them. However, I was just going to miss them. Fortunately, they decided to stay an extra day in Oaxaca so we could meet up.

When I got to the location where we were to meet, Brad Ringstmeier, another world motorcycle traveler was also there!


His website is at

Our time was spent exchanging “war stories,” discussing what it meant to be a motorcycle adventurer, and advising each other what lied ahead on our trips since I was heading south and Lynette and Curt were heading north.

It was really nice to meet fellow travelers, but I was also tired from a very long day. I could also feel a cold coming on.

A Week in Oaxaca

I had booked a week in Oaxaca to rest more from my surgery and get readjusted to life in Mexico.

The plan was to see the sights I had not seen while I was there before. Plans, plans, plans, … instead I ended up with a bad chest cold. Those plans changed because of it. I just wasn’t well enough to go out and instead needed to recuperate before heading out of Oaxaca in a weeks time.

The week was low key and consisted on going to my coffee shop, Cafe Brujula, for my morning coffee before walking back to my Airbnb to rest up.

It was nice being back in the sun of Oaxaca. Things were pretty much the same. But gone were all the Christmas decorations including the tree and ice rink.

The Zocalo was still the buzz of activity with things happening everyday.


The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was as beautiful as ever.


And now the flowers were starting to bloom.


This “spring” all seemed strange since it has been hot all of December when I was here last. It had hardly felt like winter. I guess it was spring now ha ha

The week went by fast. My cold was still pretty bad. But I needed to move on as my Temporary Vehicle Import Permit for Mexico was to expire on March 28. That meant I needed to have my bike out of the country by then.

My Location for March 14 to March 20, 2017


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