Bob's Family Restaurant during Sturgis Bike Week where the Hell's Angels set up at booth.


About My Reviews

If you are like me, I always do research before I purchase something. So I am keenly interested in adventure travel reviews. Throughout my motorcycle adventure I will be posting information on my gear, accommodations, restaurants, border crossings and motorcycle repair shops.

Reviews can be touchy though, for both the reviewee and reviewer. Because of this I want to make sure everyone knows where I am coming from.

My reviews are based on my own, sometimes flawed, perceptions, tastes and biases. Where I realize this exist I will for sure let you know. For example, I hate liver, so a liver meal will never get a good review!

Sometimes I will get a free product or trip to review. Or perhaps I will be asked to do a sponsored post. When this happens I will tell you up front. However, a free product or service is no guarantee of a positive review. In these cases where I have a negative experience, I will notify the supplier prior to publication to discuss the situation privately. Then they will be given the opportunity to make a statement that will be published in a subsequent post. That way everyone gets a balanced account of the issues I encountered. I think that is fair.

Also, my reviews are limited to that specific product/service and time. If my experience was bad, that may or may not be indicative of the product or service as a whole. I encourage my readers to see what others have said as well.

Regardless, my pledge to you is to be honest in my adventure travel reviews.

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