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Iron Roamer Goes to Albania?!

Yes, it is true, I'm going to Albania to work as a Law Enforcement Development Officer with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). While there I hope to get lots of motorcycling in too 🙂 The Email As I mentioned in my last blog post, I received an email that created some panic and stress. The email was a job offer from the OSCE. What caused me stress was that they wanted me to start on January 21, only weeks away. Meanwhile, I was home for Christmas until January 10, my motorcycle was in Bogota, Colombia, and [...]

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Home in Vancouver Canada for Christmas

I was really looking forward to going home for Christmas to visit family and friends. Buying Spree One of the first things to do was go on a buying spree for not only Christmas gifts but also things I needed to replenish for my adventure. But first was to see a doctor and dentist. The doctor was easy, and I got prescriptions renewed and a 6 month supply of medication purchased. With the dentist I got my teeth cleaned. However, he also advised that I really needed a tooth pulled and an implant put in 🙁 Well ... that was [...]

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Back to Bogota Colombia and Park 93

It was time to ride back to Bogota and Park 93 to get ready to head home for Christmas. I say Park 93 because when I was in Bogota the last time, one of the nicest areas I visited was Park 93. It is a small park in the Embassy district of Bogota and it is surrounded by restaurants and patios not to mention two Starbucks ha ha. So I was looking forward to enjoying all of this. Curves The ride from Salento to Bogota was going to be longer than I have done in a long time. About 6 [...]

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The Andean Town of Salento Colombia

Upon the recommendations from people on my coffee plantation tour in Manizales, I decided to ride to the Andean town of Salento. It was a really short ride as you can tell from the map at the end of this post. However, it was relaxing, and the last few kilometers into Salento were twisty among a beautiful forest. Salento Attractions Salento is known for the nearby parks. East is Cocora Valley where lofty wax palm trees, a national symbol, and home to rare parrots. Salento is also the gateway to the snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Natural Park, to [...]

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Termales Santa Rosa Colombia Hot Springs

Another place I had heard lots about were the Termales Santa Rosa hot springs. From Manizales, Santa Rosa was only a short ride away through the mountains. Santa Rosa I arrived in Santa Rosa early and so had plenty of time to look around. Of course I headed for the main square first thing. A high school graduation was taking place at the church. The square or plaza or zocalo, or in this case they call it the park, is always the highlight of towns. This one was OK as for as plazas go. For me I like to sit [...]

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