Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen's, view from his hotel window overlooking Acapulco at sunset.


It was another long day of heat, humidity, dusty towns, twisties and vistas, before finally arriving in Acapulco! It took 3 days of riding to get here from Puerto Vallarta.

Riding from Lázaro Cárdenas to Acapulco

As I mentioned this was another long ride. Not quite as many spectacular vistas as the previous two days. But still nice.



Hotel Elcano

I booked the Hotel Elcano for a really good price. Only a few dollars over my budget. Only only could get it for that price during the week. For the weekend it was WAY over my budget.





Nice parking for my motorcycle right outside the entrance with 24 hours attendants.


Great views from my room.




First thing though I headed to the pool patio for a beer.


But I wouldn’t do that again. The beer cost 50 pesos. Pretty expensive but I guess you are paying for the ambiance. But what really ticked my off is that when I went to pay the bill he said there was tax too????!!! He showed me the bill and the “propina” part. Now my Spanish is not great, but I know propina means the tip! It was like he was forcing me into giving him a tip. That ticked me off. I gave him 10 pesos but I wouldn’t be going back there again.

For dinner, I went to Texas Ribs. I know, not very Mexican. I just wanted some comfort food though.

A Day in Acapulco

I had a day to enjoy in Acapulco. I woke up to the sound of waves. I LOVE that! It was already hot and humid.


For breakfast I went to Starbucks up the street. So relaxing. Great people watching and I got lots of Daily Journals done.

I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon in my air conditioned room. Although the air conditioning couldn’t keep up with the heat. I ended up falling asleep.


The sun was starting to set.



I had researched restaurants on Tripadvisor. One of the restuarants recommended was Tobasco Beach just a block from my hotel. They said it was on the beach and a great place to watch the sunset. off I went.

Great view from my table!


They had filet mignon on the the menu as a specialty. Sounded great! And only for 195 pesos or about $14 CDN! That actually should have been my first clue. What filet mignon cost $14?

Everything was great about the meal except the filet 🙁 Now I don’t know much about filet mignon, but this was not like home. It was big and flat huuummmm. And it tasted nothing like filet at home. I could only have one bite. It tasted awful to me.

Being non-confrontational, I asked for them to wrap it up. I later just threw it away. I thought about giving it to some stray dogs but didn’t see any.

Still a nice evening though. And all in all a wonderful day.

My Route for November 16, 2016


My Location for November 17, 2016


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