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  • Tikal National Park Jaguar crossing.

Riding to Tikal National Park, Guatemala

After three weeks in Guatemala City it was was finally time to ride to Tikal National Park. This was a two day ride. Anxiety It seemed a bit weird to be riding again for a [...]

  • TD Canada Trust Debit Card Debacle in Guatemala helped by this picture drown by my granddaughter Mia of me riding my motorcycle in Guatemala.

TD Canada Trust Debit Card Debacle in Guatemala

Originally, I only planned on staying in Guatemala City for a week while my bike got repaired, but then came my TD Canada Trust debit card debacle. Mail Arrangements As you may recall, I sold [...]

  • A picture of the Oakland Mall and Starbucks in Guatemala City where I waited for my motorcycle to be repaired.

Waiting for my Motorcycle to Heal in Guatemala City

For the next week I waited for my motorcycle to heal in Guatemala City :-). Starbucks In the morning I would go to Bavaria Motors to check in to see how my motorcycle was feeling [...]

  • My BMW 1200 GS loaded onto a small truck on its way to Bavaria Motors in Guatemala City for repairs.

Made it to the Mechanic – Bavaria Motors, Guatemala City

I woke up this morning thinking how will I get my motorcycle to Bavaria Motors in Guatemala City from Antigua. Before my accident I had already booked an appointment there for Monday to repair a [...]

  • Guatemalan Anti Narcotics Police loading my motorcycle into their truck after my crash.

Crash – Damage – Unrideable Motorcycle

Crash! Southern Route Traffic Jam I woke up early to meet Brad at the Iglesia Católica de Godínez church in Godínez on the Antigua side of Lake Atitlán. Before I left I grabbed my bag [...]

  • Looking at the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was one of those places I was really looking forward to as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO on Antigua UNESCO describes Antigua as: Built 1,530.17 m above sea level in an [...]

  • Brian Thiessen, Iron Roamer, standing outside of a protest blocking the road to Antigua.

Great Views, Bad Roads and a Protest

Today ended up being a day of great views, bad roads and a protest! Leaving the Hotel My usual practice it to leave whenever I get up and get ready. No alarms 🙂 Alarms remind [...]

  • Brian Thiessen, Iron Roamer, looking out over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Riding Around Lake Atitlán to Santiago Atitlán

I set off to ride around Lake Atitlán to Santiago Atitlán. Lake Atitlán was something I was really looking forward to seeing. Wikipedia on Lake Atitlán Wikipedia has this to say about Lake Atitlán: Lake [...]

  • Looking at the Catedral Del Espiritu Santo in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

After some research that said Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, was a university town where students frequented coffee shops, I decided to spend a few days there. It sounded relaxing! I like students, universities and coffee shops 🙂 [...]

  • Leaving the border into Guatemala at La Mesilla.

Crossing the Border into Guatemala

After a relaxing time in San Cristabol it was time to tackle the border into Guatemala. I first wanted to get a little closer to the border. But not too close as border towns are [...]

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  • Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, with his BMW 1200 GS motorcycle parked at the Deals Gap parking lot before riding the Tail of the Dragon

Which Bike Should You Take on an Adventure?

Which bike should someone take on a travel adventure is one that seems to generate a lot of passion, and sometimes contempt, among motorcycle adventurers. Just check out the Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board on the topic. I [...]

  • Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, tenting at the KOA campsite in St. Petersburg Florida.

19 Items to Take Motorcycle Camping.

Thinking of Motorcycle Camping? Below are the 19 camping items I am taking on my round the world motorcycle adventure, and one item I am surprisingly [...]

  • Iron Roamer, Brian Thiessen, celebrating his 18th birthday by blowing out the candles on his cake.

Once Known, Long Since Forgotten

“Once known, but long since forgotten.” I have pondered these words many times since motorcycle adventurist Alex Chacón said them at a Horizons Unlimited travel event in [...]

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